Albums Lotus
News Soen to visit Latin America in 2020

The progressive metal supergroup from Sweden, Soen, have confirmed a Latin American tour, set to start on March, 2020. This, after an interview Martín López -former Opeth drummer and ex-Amon

Albums Lykaia

1. Sectarian 2. Orison 3. Lucidity 4. Opal 5. Jinn 6. Sister 7. Stray 8. Paragon 9. God’s Acre   Lykaia is the third album released by Soen on February 3,

Albums Tellurian

1. Tabula Rasa 2. Kuraman 3. The Words 4. Pluton 5. Koniskas 6. Ennui 7. Void 8. The Other’s Fall   Tellurian is the second album released by Soen on November

Albums Cognitive

1. Fraktal 2. Fraccions 3. Delenda 4. Last Light 5. Oscillation 6. Canvas 7. Ideate 8. Purpose 9. Slithering 10. Savia   Cognitive was released on Spinefarm records in February 15,

Artist Soen

When Swedish drummer Martin Lopez (ex-OPETH, AMON AMARTH) joined forces with metal bassist extraordinaire Steve DiGiorgio (SADUS, TESTAMENT, DEATH, ICED EARTH), vocalist Joel Ekelöf and guitarist Kim Platbarzdis in a