Report & photos by Sophie Roy   DAY 1 – August 26, 2022 After its creation in 2019, Månegarm Open Air finally offered us its 2nd edition. This was scheduled
September 6, 2022 by Sophie
In August 2021, Swallow the Sun announced their next studio album Moonflowers, would be released on November 19, 2021. They revealed that there would be two separate albums: a classical
November 14, 2021 by Serena
Following the release of their 2020 EP Dawn of Vitriol, Finnish Dark Rock band Mercury Circle release their debut album Killing Moons this Friday (October 8, 2021) via Noble Demon
October 6, 2021 by Serena
Wardruna’s fifth studio album Kvitravn has reached chart topping, global success and there is no question why, with the way things are in the world. This album provides a much
February 7, 2021 by Serena
Desolator - Sermon of Apathy
What’s purple and orange and fun all over? If you guessed death metal, then you’d be right! It’s Desolator – Sermon of Apathy, and it’s really, really good. Well, that’s
September 23, 2020 by Nikki Katsi
I wouldn’t normally start a review like this but with Humavoid I kinda feel obligated of doing so because in any way is this review going to be an easy
September 9, 2020 by Tero Tolkki
Saarihelvetti 2020
Report and photos by Serena Solomon A few days of relief from the monotonous, gigless summer. Saarihelvetti 2020 was one of few festivals that luckily were able to stay strong
September 7, 2020 by Serena
Insomnium Winters Gate Stream
As advertised, Finland’s Insomnium were set to perform the entirety of Winter’s Gate to hundreds of fans online. Now, Insomnium has had a few brushes of bad luck, beginning with
July 24, 2020 by Nikki Katsi
Anyone that’s met me from 2006 and on has probably heard I’m a big Nightwish fan. I’ve got the tattoos, ticket stubs, concert posters, band tees, flags and every studio
April 17, 2020 by Erin Rogers
As soon as I heard about MOONSORROW’s ‘Verisäkeet Alive‘ tour, I knew it was going to be a big, epic affair. From previous experiences of catching Finnish bands on homeland
March 12, 2020 by Slayanys Maniax
February 21, 2020, Finnish melodic death metallers Insomnium came to Turku, Finland on their “Heart Like A Grave” tour. Support included melodic doom metal band Red Moon Architect and Awake
February 28, 2020 by Serena
Beast In Black Helsinki Icehall 2019
December 13th 2019 was a surreal day in many ways. Not only it was Friday the 13th but it was also a special kind of Black Friday, it was Beast
February 18, 2020 by Tero Tolkki
As a band, Tungsten is fairly new to the Swedish melodic metal scene, having only just formed in 2016, but that doesn’t mean they come without experience. Fans of Hammerfall
December 12, 2019 by Erin Rogers
Ghost played sold out Hartwall Arena in Helsinki on 28.11.2019 as an additional show to their “The Ultimate Tour Named Death” tour accompanied by fellow Swedish melodic death metallers Tribulation
December 5, 2019 by Serena
hanging garden
As the decade comes to a close, metal fans will remember all the great releases that had come out in the past ten years. But before we reach 2020, we
December 1, 2019 by Nikki Katsi
Wardruna put on an unforgettable performance at Kulttuuritalo in Helsinki, Finland, and we were there to capture it. This was a bit of a different gig, though the venue is
November 22, 2019 by Serena
Cyhra 2019
It was year 2017 when Cyhra, this group of super talented musicians, shook the world or at least my world by releasing their debut album “Letters To Myself“. Of course
November 13, 2019 by Tero Tolkki
INSOMNIUM is one of those bands that hold a very important place in my heart. Their music, both live and recorded, has carried me through some of the most difficult times.
November 11, 2019 by Slayanys Maniax
October Tide-Of Splendor Below
October Tide, a band often associated with Katatonia, from their slow down-tempo depressive melodic doomy sounds, to their catchy chorus lines. October Tide, also a band who has developed into
October 31, 2019 by Nikki Katsi
I had the pleasure of seeing Wardruna’s one and only US show for 2019 at Red Rocks Amphitheater just outside of Denver, Colorado on October 17, 2019. If you’re a
October 24, 2019 by Erin Rogers