We wanted to add something to Nordic Metal that would put some more focus on band profiles. In each band profile there is a Vote button you can click to cast your vote on that particular band. There will be a page coming later where you can see what bands are most voted. Keep in mind that this is also a good opportunity for smaller bands to get some exposure so make sure you spread the word. You can vote once per day. And you can vote as many bands as you want. But you can only vote the same band once a day. Band profiles can be found by clicking Bands in the navigation and then browsing the bands listed.

You are also able to share the band profile on your Facebook and Twitter and ask your friends to vote too!

Of course the first and most important thing is that your band is from the following countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Iceland. You can contact us directly through info [at] nordicmetal.net or using the Contact Us-form. We cannot guarantee that every band will be added though. Keep in mind that we have limited amount of staff but we are doing our atmost best to cover as many bands in our band database as possible.

Time waits for no one. Bands move on, their biographies become outdated very fast. Some bands make new albums on quite regular basis so there is always situations that there is a band who's profile is outdated. We try to keep everything updated but if you notice something please contact us through e-mail info [at] nordicmetal.net or using the Contact Us-form.

All help is welcomed. We have a wonderful team of dedicated music lovers contributing for Nordic Metal but a project like this can never have too many people. First step would be to read this page here. After you have done reading you probably recognize yourself on one or more areas where you could help. Then just contact us again either directly through info [at] nordicmetal.net or Contact Us-form.