No, you can't. As a part of our Nordic Metal 3.0 version we decided to let News go. It was an easy decision to make in the end because we simply didn't have the resources to deliver the news to our readers fast enough and you all know the saying "There is nothing older than yesterdays news". There are literally dozens of websites that has dedicated people just for the news and we simply can't compete with that.

However this doesn't mean you won't find any news in Nordic Metal anymore! We will continue posting news to our socials like Facebook. Whenever we find a band or label suiting Nordic Metal format releasing news we will share it to our Facebook page. You just won't find those news here on the main website. So saying that, you can like our Facebook-page and you will get the news delivered as usual.

Of course the first and most important thing is that your band is from the following countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Iceland. You can contact us directly through info [at] or using the Contact Us-form. We cannot guarantee that every band will be added though. Keep in mind that we have limited amount of staff but we are doing our atmost best to cover as many bands in our band database as possible.

Time waits for no one. Bands move on, their biographies become outdated very fast. Some bands make new albums on quite regular basis so there is always situations that there is a band who's profile is outdated. We try to keep everything updated but if you notice something please contact us through e-mail info [at] or using the Contact Us-form.

All help is welcomed. We have a wonderful team of dedicated music lovers contributing for Nordic Metal but a project like this can never have too many people. First step would be to read this page here. After you have done reading you probably recognize yourself on one or more areas where you could help. Then just contact us again either directly through info [at] or Contact Us-form.