Finnish Alternative Metallers ZARTHAS Release New single And Music Video

“Four Letter Word” is the new single from Finnish alternative metal act ZARTHAS hailing from Oulu, northern Finland. Roots of the band reach all the way to dark nineties. During their colourful career they have released three full length albums and toured around Finland and also toured at mainland China. ZARTHAS has usually been labeled as alternative metal band but band itself tell that they have taken influences from 80’s heavy metal, grunge and metalcore and they might take influences from what ever they feel like.

ZARTHAS’ singer/guitarrist Lauri Huovinen comments on the new single:

“On Four Letter Word’s sound there is that familiar rage that we had on our previous record. But at least the synth arrangements and rapping vocals on verses are somethins that you have never before heard from Zarthas. In my opinion FLW is the tightest song that we have ever made and it shows the musical direction we are heading towards”

You can also listen to the single on Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music.