WITCHCRAFT premieres new song from upcoming acoustic album

WITCHCRAFT premieres new song from upcoming acoustic album!

Black Metal” will be out on May 1st via Nuclear Blast!

May 1st, 2020 will see iconic Witchcraft release a brand new album, titled “Black Metal“, via Nuclear Blast. The band’s first album in four years, takes mastermind Magnus Pelander in a brave direction by moving forward alone, setting forth into new territory, as “Black Metal” is an entirely acoustic affair! Just recently, Witchcraft shared a first single, the haunting “Elegantly Expressed Depression” (listen HERE). Now, a second track has been premiered. Dive into the acoustic journey of Witchcraft‘s upcoming magnum opus, with the new song “A Boy And A GirlHERE!

Magnus Pelander‘s Witchcraft have existed at the forefront of occult tinged classic rock ever since their formation in the year 2000, when Magnus decided to form the band so that he could record a tribute to his idols Roky Erickson and Pentagram‘s Bobby Liebling. The pioneering band has never made excuses for their inspirations, but went on to craft numerous genre-defining classics themselves. Witchcraft‘s illustrious career from their self-titled debut in 2004 through to the 2012’s “Legend” album and the wondrous “Nucleus” in 2016, became cult classics and propelled the band to new levels of reverence within their scene. When it comes to blending doom with classic rock and flourishes of masterful ambience, nobody could touch them.

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