Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is Blackest Of Them All

Black Metal

You know your Dimmu Borgir and perhaps heard about Varg Vikernes but what is your real knowledge on Nordic Black Metal? Blast beat, corpse paints, pseudonyms, satan, just to name a few that are often related to black metal. But let’s dive in a little deeper and see just how black you really are. Do the trivia and find out your inner darkness…

Take our Black Metal quiz and see just how black you really are!

What was the stage name Per Yngve Ohlin used?

1. Dead
2. Necrobutcher
3. Euronymous
4. Satan

Gaahl was the vocalist of

1. Gorgoroth
2. Gehenna
3. Satyricon
4. Ulver

Frost was an album by

1. Satyricon
2. Helheim
3. Enslaved
4. Emperor

When and where was Ihsahn born

1. 1975 in Bergen, Norway
2. 1975 in Notodden, Norway
3. 1975 in Helsinki, Finland
4. 1975 in Stockholm, Sweden

Tomas Börje Forsberg aka Quorthon died in which year

1. 2004
2. 2002
3. 2003
4. 2001

Which band recorded the EP "Teach Children To Worship Satan"

1. Istapp
2. Satanic Slaughter
3. Dark Funeral
4. Marduk

Nifelheim fired their first guitarist "Morbid Slaughter" because

1. He had a girlfriend
2. They simply found a better guitarist
3. He was too drunk all the time to play the music
4. He came to the rehearsals wearing a cross neclase

Which of the following guitarists played in both Barathrum and Impaled Nazarene?

1. Bloodbeast
2. Anathemalignant
3. Sulphur
4. Somnium

Varg Vikernes was the founder of which band?

1. Bathory
2. Mayhem
3. Burzum
4. Old Funeral

Before becoming Euronymous his stage name was

1. Hellhammer
2. Faust
3. Necrobutcher
4. Destructor

All 10 questions completed!

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Take our Black Metal quiz and see just how black you really are!

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