TORNADO Reveals Details Of Upcoming Album With Guests From MEGADETH And NILE Among Others

Finnish Thrash Metal band TORNADO has announced a new album called “Commitment To Excellence”, which will be released this year:

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Finally we can share some more details about our forthcoming new album, Commitment To Excellence. Eleven tracks of our catchiest, most diverse and angriest material to date! The drums were recorded at Studio 33 in Kuopio, while the rest of the tracking was done under the watchful eye of current Oceanhoarse guitarist Ben Varon at Imperial Cassette Recording Facilities in Helsinki.

Seeing that we were one guitarist short before we went in to record, we asked a few friends to lend us their talents and are very grateful that they took the time out of their busy schedules to help us out, Thank You.

We also have a few other surprises which you can find in the track listing below. To conclude, it is our pleasure to present to you this cover of the S.O.D. classic ‘United Forces’ to hold you over while we try to find a label to release the album.”

“Commitment To Excellence” tracklist:

1. A Minute Of Nothing
2. White Horse Of The Apocalypse (Solo: Karl Sanders/Nile. Additional Vocals: Niko Kalliojärvi/ex-Amoral)
3. Global Pandemic
4. Spirit And Opportunity (Additional Vocals: Ross Dolan/Immolation)
5. The Flight Of Yuri Gagarin
6. Endless Forms Of Torment (Additional Solo: Adam Phillips/Pro-Pain)
7. Through Difficulties To Victory
8. Supremacy
9. Chaos Among The Ruins
10. United Forces (S.O.D. Cover)
11. At The Chapel Of Rest (Additional Solo: Glen Drover/ex. Megadeth)

Produced by: Ben Varon
Mixed, Mastered and Engineered by: AK, Chris Paccou (FOH Engineer of Slayer)

TORNADO line-up:
Superstar Joey Severance – vocals
Tommy Shred – guitar
Henri Steel – bass
Jimmy Grey – drums

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