Concerts Saarihelvetti 2020

Report and photos by Serena Solomon A few days of relief from the monotonous, gigless summer. Saarihelvetti 2020 was one of few festivals that luckily were able to stay strong

Albums Wolves Of Karelia

1. Hail Of Steel 2. Horizon On Fire 3. Reaper 4. The Hammer 5. Eye Of The Storm 6. Born From Fire 7. Arrows Of Chaos 8. Ashes Emerging from

Concerts Wolfheart @ 1720 Los Angeles, CA: 12 October, 2018

There’s a little legend about Finnish bands bringing the brutal weather with them when they perform their Southern Californian debuts. It happened with Wintersun‘s debut in 2012 and with too

Albums Constellation Of The Black Light

1. Everlasting Fall 2. Breakwater 3. The Saw 4. Forge With Fire 5. Defender 6. Warfare 7. Valkyrie WOLFHEART‘s fourth album “Constellation Of The Black Light” proves to be uncompromising

Concerts Wintersun + Wolfheart @ Nosturi, Helsinki – April 26, 2018

WINTERSUN and WOLFHEART at Nosturi, Helsinki: it was an epic night of enchanting atmospheres, echoes from the forest and heaviness which blasts the ears: that is how I´d personally define the

Albums Tyhjyys

1. Shores Of The Lake Simpele 2. Boneyard 3. World On Fire 4. The Flood 5. The Rift 6. Call Of The Winter 7. Dead White 8. Tyhjyys “Tyhjyys” is

Albums Shadow World

1. Aeon Of Cold 2. Zero Gravity 3. Storm Centre 4. Last Of All Winters 5. Nemesis 6. Abyss 7. Resistance 8. Veri “Shadow World” is the second album from

Albums Winterborn

1. The Hunt 2. Strength And Valour 3. Routa, Pt.2 4. Gale Of Winter 5. Whiteout 6. Ghosts Of Karelia 7. I 8. Chasm 9. Breathe 10. Isolation 11. Into

Artist Wolfheart

Tuomas Saukkonen shocked everyone in 2012 with his announcement that he will bury all of his metal music projects at the same time to start anew. BEFORE THE DAWN, BLACK

Reviews Wolfheart – Shadow World

As Tuomas Saukkonen, Wolfheart‘s frontman and founder told me once when I ran into him at Tavastia, “Same shit, different band.” He was referring to his previous band, Before The Dawn. While I do