Albums Prominence and Demise

1. Universal Creation Array 2. Distorted Dimensions 3. The Grand Design 4. When the Dream of Paradise Died 5. Fall and Rise 6. The Darkest Path 7. Convictions and Contradictions 8. Where the Cold

Albums The Imaginary Direction of Time

1. What is Beauty? 2. Sounds like Desolation 3. Theory of Relativity 4. Visions Of Perfection 5. The Fireworks of Genesis 6. Under the Stars 7. A Moment For Reflection 8. Time Without End

Albums Reflections of the I

1. Clarity 2. Realization 3. Of Divine Nature 4. Transition 5. Passion’s Quest 6. Reason’s Desire 7. Premonition 8. Remnants of Beauty 9. Existence 10. Continuance 11. Predominance Reflections of the I is the first

Artist Winds

Winds is a Norwegian neo-classical/progressive metal band that came into existence in 1998 when four Norwegian musicians from different backgrounds happened to cross musical paths. The music is largely influenced