Albums Metsutan – Songs of the Void

1. 血ノ舞 – Chi No Odori 2. Strike! 3. Exile of the Floating World 4. Sakura Omen 5. 劍聖 – Tsukiakari 6. Our Voice Shall Be Heard 7. 月明 –

Albums Shogunate Macabre

1. Jikininki 2. Hold the Sword 3. Fallen Amaterasu 4. One Man’s Burden 5. Kappa 6. Lady of the Wind 7. Unrestrained 8. Upon My Honor Four years after their

Albums Thousand Swords

1. Intro – Hajimari 2. Thousand Swords 3. Faceless 4. Of Honor 5. Dead Cold Inside 6. Fear Never Within 7. Blindfold 8. Wrath of Heaven 9. Blade in the

Artist Whispered

It’s not every band whose unique style of metal can coin a new term but Finland’s Whispered aren’t interested in playing by the rules. Melding northern melodic metal, nuances from

News TORCHIA Releases “Light My Path” Music Video And Announces European Tour

Finnish death metallers TORCHIA released a visually stunning music video for the song “Light My Path” taken from their widely acclaimed debut album “Of Curses and Grief”. The video was