Albums Metsutan – Songs of the Void

1. 血ノ舞 – Chi No Odori 2. Strike! 3. Exile of the Floating World 4. Sakura Omen 5. 劍聖 – Tsukiakari 6. Our Voice Shall […]
Albums Shogunate Macabre

1. Jikininki 2. Hold the Sword 3. Fallen Amaterasu 4. One Man’s Burden 5. Kappa 6. Lady of the Wind 7. Unrestrained 8. Upon My […]
Albums Thousand Swords

1. Intro – Hajimari 2. Thousand Swords 3. Faceless 4. Of Honor 5. Dead Cold Inside 6. Fear Never Within 7. Blindfold 8. Wrath of […]
Artist Whispered

It’s not every band whose unique style of metal can coin a new term but Finland’s Whispered aren’t interested in playing by the rules. Melding […]
News TORCHIA Releases “Light My Path” Music Video And Announces European Tour

Finnish death metallers TORCHIA released a visually stunning music video for the song “Light My Path” taken from their widely acclaimed debut album “Of Curses […]