Albums Redemption

1. Beyond Repair 2. We Are The Gods 3. Mothmother 4. Earth Visited 5. Senseless 6. Defeated 7. Thinspiration 8. Victim 9. Words Unspoken 10. Unbroken   Redemption is the third album by the Norwegian band Where Angels Fall. It

Albums Marionettes

1. Marionettes (Again) 2. Freeze Me 3. Feed On Depression 4. Kyrie 5. Mystifying Grief 6. Invisible 7. Freedom Is Finite 8. Path Of Sorrow 9. Female Stigma   Marionettes is the second album by the Norwegian band Where

Albums Illuminate

1. Sanctus 2. The Game (Fooled Again) 3. Trusting You 4. Dies Irae 5. Shining Path 6. Edge Of Sanity 7. Hollow 8. Save Myself 9. The Falls Embrace 10. Withering Me 11. Lux Aeterna   Illuminate is the first album

Artist Where Angels Fall

Where Angels Fall have been playing together since 2004 and is well known in the goth- and metalscene in Norway and abroad. The band have played on large and small