Albums Kraft

1. Wrath Of Mine 2. Raped By Light 3. Helvete 4. Unholy Water 5. Eldast, Utan å Gro 6. Evig Pine 7. Empty 8. Songen Åt Fangen Kraft is the

Albums Pitch Black Brigade

1. Då Draumen Rakna 2. Left To Hate 3. Pitch Black 4. The Red Smell 5. Hengebjørki 6. Our Battle 7. Hang ‘Em All 8. Eit Kapittel For Seg Sjølv

Albums I Krig

1.Jarnbyrd 2.Under isen 3.I krig 4.Væpna lengsel 5.Svart 6.Folkefiendar 7.Dei daude steig av grav 8.Fangegard 9.Millom hav og fjell I Krig is the third studio album from Vreid. “I krig” means

Albums Milorg

1.Alarm 2.Disciplined 3.Speak Goddamnitt 4.Blücher “Blücher pt. II 5.Heroes & Villains 6.Argumento Ex Silentio 7.Milorg Milorg is the fourth album by Vreid.

Albums V

1. Arche 2. The Blood Eagle 3. Wolverine Bastards 4. The Sound of the River 5. Fire on the Mountain 6. The Other and the Look 7. Slave 8. Welcome

Albums Welcome Farewell

1. The Ramble 2. Way Of The Serpent 3. The Devils Hand 4. Welcome Farewell 5. The Reap 6. Sights Of Old 7. Black Waves 8. At The Brook 9.

Albums Sólverv

1. Haust 2. Sólverv 3. Geitaskadl 4. Ætti sitt fjedl 5. Når byane brenn 6. Storm frå vest 7. Fridom med daudens lang Sólverv is the 7th studio album from

Albums Lifehunger

1. Flowers & Blood 2. One Hundred Years 3. Lifehunger 4. The Dead White 5. Hello Darkness 6. Black Rites In the Black Nights 7. Sokrates Must Die 8. Heimatt

Artist Vreid

Hailing from Sogndal, Norway, Vreid (meaning “Wrath” in English) was born from the ashes of iconic black metal band Windir, after the death of their vocalist Valfar. Originally, the lineup consisted

Concerts Tons of Rock, Oslo Norway – June 27-29

Tons of Rock started back in 2014 with bands such as Volbeat, Anthrax, Slayer and Ghost as headliners. Back then the festival was in an old fortress called “Fredriksten Festning”