Albums With Primeval Force

1. Knights of the Burning Crypt 2. He Who Speaks 3. Metamorphosis 4. Skull Prayer 5. Midnight Trial 6. Revenants 7. Ghoul Wind 8. Initiation Rite 9. Scylla Produced by Vampire. Recorded in the summer and winter of 2016 at

Albums Vampire (Self-Titled)

1. Orexis 2. Howl from the Coffin 3. At Midnight I’ll Possess Your Corpse 4. Ungodly Warlock 5. The Bestial Abyss 6. Black Deserts 7. Jaws of the Unknown 8. The Fen 9. Cellar Grave Vampire 10. Under the Grudge

Artist Vampire

Vampire is a Swedish Death Metal band from Gothenburg , which was founded in 2011. The band was founded in 2011 by vocalist and percussionist Lars “Hand of Doom” Martinsson ( The Legion ), guitarist Joel Stefan Eskil’s