Albums In the Light of Darkness

1. Ascend with the Stench of Death 2. Retribution in Blood 3. The Endless Beyond 4. Diabolic Voices 5. In the Light of Darkness 6. The Unconquered One 7. Enemy

Albums Ancient God of Evil

1. Life Demise 2. Eye of the Greyhound 3. Oceans of Time 4. Dead Calm 5. Mireille 6. The Depths of a Black Sea 7. Ruins 8. Dying Emotions Domain

Albums In the Forest of the Dreaming Dead

1. At Dawn / Whispering Shadows 2. Blackness of the Fallen Star 3. Fire Storm 4. Storms from the Skies of Grief 5. Through the Gates 6. Wind of a

Artist Unanimated

Unanimated are a Swedish melodic death/black metal band. They were founded in 1989 in Stockholm and dissolved in 1996. Largely inspired by Dismember, they made two melodic death metal albums. In 1993, In the Forest of the Dreaming