Albums Antiliv

1. Kaos 2. Krater 3. Norge 4. Djevelens mesterverk 5. Demonic Supremacy 6. Slumber with the Worm 7. Ved ferdens ende 8. Antiliv Drums recorded in Oslo Klang Studio Guitars, bass and vocals recorded in Farm Studio Mixed

Albums Legion Helvete

1. The Daemon Throne 2. Fra en råtten kiste 3. Dauðir 4. Voldsherskeren 5. Voldsherskeren 6. Black Shadows of Hell 7. Blod og aske 8. Vårt helvete Drums recorded at dUb Studio by Endre Kirkesola Instruments and vocals

Albums Desert Northern Hell

1. Malignant Coronation 2. Ghoul 3. Possessed 4. Lord of Swords 5. Helvete 6. Mouth of Madness 7. Unholy Paragon 8. Sacrifice (Bathory cover) 9. Morbid Lust Recorded, mixed and mastered in Triple T Studio during June and July

Albums Demonic Possession

1. Eriphion Epistates 2. Demoner av Satans rike 3. Ancient Hate 4. Bloodshedding Horror 5. Deathwish 6. A Twisted Mind 7. I-10 8. Primeval Fear 9. Outro “Demonic Possession was finally executed in January 2002 at Vinegar Studio, kulturkvartalet

Albums Kill for Satan

1. The Daemon Gate 2. Necromancy 3. The Lord of Terror 4. Raping Christianity 5. Dying Spirits 6. Unleashed 7. Kill for Satan (The King’s Birth) 8. Sodomizing the Lamb (The King’s Conquering) 9. Beyond the Grave (The King’s

Artist Tsjuder

Tsjuder is a Norwegian black metal band founded in 1993. The name Tsjuder (pronounced – jü-der) was picked from the Norwegian movie Pathfinder (Veiviseren). The Tsjuder (or Chud) was a mythical Northern Finnic tribe. Originally from Oslo, the