Albums Lizard Dusk

1. Arabian Nights 2. Breed Insane 3. Sick Fire 4. The Crawl 5. You’re Fired! 6. Machine 7. Nothing And Nowhere 8. Thanks For Asking… I’m Obsessed 9. Taught My

Albums Ego Anthem

1. Make Amends 2. Part Of The Wounded 3. Scum 4. In Your Name 5. Your Way Is Not For Me 6. Dirt Track Speedball 7. Repeating Mistakes 8. Brain

Albums Tracedawn

1.¬†Without Walls 2. Test Of Faith 3. Art Of Violence 4. Fallen Leaves (Farewell) 5. In Love With Insanity 6. Path Of Reality 7. Widow 8. Justice For None “Tracedawn”

Artist Tracedawn

It was back in 2005 when Tuomas Yli-Jaskari came up with an idea that would be named as Moravia and later on TRACEDAWN. TRACEDAWN‘s self-titled debut was released in Finland