Albums Commitment To Excellence

1. A Minute Of Nothing 2. White Horse Of The Apocalypse (Solo: Karl Sanders. Additional Vocals: Niko Kalliojärvi) 3. Global Pandemic 4. Spirit And Opportunity (Additional Vocals: Ross Dolan) 5. The Flight Of

News TORNADO: New Single, Release Date & Preorder For “Commitment To Excellence” Available

A new song and video from Helsinki-based thrash metal band TORNADO can be found below. “Global Pandemic” is taken from the band’s forthcoming new album “Commitment To Excellence”, which will be released by Extreme

News TORNADO Reveals New Song And Cover Art For “Commitment To Excellence”

A new song from Helsinki-based thrash metal band TORNADO can be listened below.  “White Horse Of The Apocalypse” features a solo by Karl Sanders of Nile and Niko Kalliojärvi (ex-Amoral) as guest vocalist. The track is taken from their

News TORNADO Reveals Details Of Upcoming Album With Guests From MEGADETH And NILE Among Others

Finnish Thrash Metal band TORNADO has announced a new album called “Commitment To Excellence”, which will be released this year: “Ladies and Gentlemen! Finally we can share some more details

Albums Black President

1. Black President 2. I, Individual 3. 911 First Responder 4. Flesh Crawling Nightmare 5. T-Minus 10 6. David and Goliah 7. World Pieces 8. Under the Crimson Moon 9.

Albums Amsterdamn, Hellsinki

1. A Bold Statement 2. Hate Worldwide 3. 3 of 8 4. Massive Extinction Impact 5. Eugenics 6. Ignorance Is Thy Name 7. Noora 8. Blue 9. Priesthood Pedophilia 10.

Artist Tornado

Tired of Tour Managing some of the biggest names in Underground Metal, singer Superstar Joey Severance decided in 2010 to put together his own band and got together with guitarist,