Albums Commitment To Excellence

1. A Minute Of Nothing 2. White Horse Of The Apocalypse (Solo: Karl Sanders. Additional Vocals: Niko Kalliojärvi) 3. Global Pandemic 4. Spirit And Opportunity (Additional Vocals: Ross […]
News TORNADO: New Single, Release Date & Preorder For “Commitment To Excellence” Available

A new song and video from Helsinki-based thrash metal band TORNADO can be found below. “Global Pandemic” is taken from the band’s forthcoming new album “Commitment To Excellence”, […]
News TORNADO Reveals New Song And Cover Art For “Commitment To Excellence”

A new song from Helsinki-based thrash metal band TORNADO can be listened below.  “White Horse Of The Apocalypse” features a solo by Karl Sanders of Nile and Niko Kalliojärvi (ex-Amoral) as guest vocalist. The […]
News TORNADO Reveals Details Of Upcoming Album With Guests From MEGADETH And NILE Among Others

Finnish Thrash Metal band TORNADO has announced a new album called “Commitment To Excellence”, which will be released this year: “Ladies and Gentlemen! Finally we […]
Albums Black President

1. Black President 2. I, Individual 3. 911 First Responder 4. Flesh Crawling Nightmare 5. T-Minus 10 6. David and Goliah 7. World Pieces 8. […]
Albums Amsterdamn, Hellsinki

1. A Bold Statement 2. Hate Worldwide 3. 3 of 8 4. Massive Extinction Impact 5. Eugenics 6. Ignorance Is Thy Name 7. Noora 8. […]
Artist Tornado

Tired of Tour Managing some of the biggest names in Underground Metal, singer Superstar Joey Severance decided in 2010 to put together his own band […]