Albums Frozen Beneath

1.Dead Again 2.From Here to Eternity 3.Decaying in Silence 4.Beneath the Frozen Depravity 5.Funeral pyre 6.Left to Die 7.Mourning Chant 8.Scattering Ashes 9.Into the Abyss Frozen Beneath is the second

Albums Below the Green

1.End of God 2.Death of the Sun 3.In the Heart of Winter (Far Beyond All Light) 4.The Autumn Rain 5.Life & Slavery 6.Sunfader 7.Damnation 8.Dead Forever 9.Kaira Below The Green

Artist Tomb of Finland

Tomb Of Finland got the first shovel full of soil into it’s mouth in the fall of 2009. The first album ”Below The Green” was written from thousands of nights