Albums Garden of Death

Garden of Death – This Ending 1. Torrent of Souls 2. Blackened Shrine 3. Boundaries of Hell 4. Dark Samaritan 5. Garden of Death 6. Victims 7. World of Nightmares

Albums Systematic Worship

Systematic Worship – This Ending 1. Army of (N)one 2. No more silence 3. Our creation

Albums Inside the Machine

Inside the Machine – This Ending 1. Seed of Destruction 2. Inside the Machine 3. Pitch Black 4. Plague Angel 5. Lidless Eyes 6. Armageddon 7. Nailed Down 8. Let

Artist This Ending

THIS ENDING was created in 2005, but the true history dates even earlier. The band existed in a previous incarnation as A CANOROUS QUINTET, which was formed in 1991 by