Reviews Therion – Beloved Antichrist

Listening to Therion brings back fond memories to me. They are one of the bands that introduced me to Extreme Metal with the brilliant Of […]
News THERION – kick off EU tour and present new single ‘Bring Her Home’

Yesterday, symphonic metal titans THERION kicked off their pan-European headline tour with IMPERIAL AGE, NULL POSITIV and several others. While presenting some of the new tracks of their upcoming […]
News THERION’s CHRISTOFER JOHNSSON: ‘Every Time We Release A New Album, There’s Always A Lot Of Complaints Because We Always Change The Style’

Josh Rundquist of That Drummer Guy recently conducted an interview with mainman Christofer Johnsson of symphonic metal pioneers THERION. You can listen to the entire interview below. A few excerpts follow […]
News THERION – talking about the writing process behind “Beloved Antichrist”

On February 9th, symphonic metal pioneers THERION will finally release their three-hour-long opera project »Beloved Antichrist«. After unveiling the opera’s plot, characters and the differences to the Russian […]
Albums Beloved Antichrist

Disc 1 1. Turn for Heaven 2. Where Will You Go? 3. Through Dust Through Rain 4. Sign Are Here 5. Never Again 6. Bring […]
Albums Les Fleurs du Mal

1. Poupée de cire, poupée de son (France Gall cover) 2. Une fleur dans le cœur (Victoire Scott cover) 3. Initials B.B. (Serge Gainsbourg cover) […]
Albums Sitra Ahra

1. Introduction / Sitra Ahra 2. Kings of Edom 3. Unguentum Sabbati 4. Land of Canaan 5. Hellequin 6. 2012 7. Cú Chulainn 8. Kali […]
Albums Gothic Kabbalah

Disc 1 1. Der Mitternachtslöwe 2. Gothic Kabbalah 3. The Perennial Sophia 4. Wisdom and the Cage 5. Son of the Staves of Time 6. […]
Albums Sirius B

1. The Blood of Kingu 2. Son of the Sun 3. The Khlysti Evangelist 4. Dark Venus Persephone 5. Kali Yuga, Part 1 6. Kali […]
Albums Lemuria

1. Typhon 2. Uthark Runa 3. Three Ships of Berik Part 1: Calling to Arms and Fighting the Battle 4. Three Ships of Berik Part […]
Albums Secret of the Runes

1. Ginnungagap (The Black Hole) (Prologue) 2. (Old) Midgård 3. Asgård (The Bifrost Bridge) 4. (Call of) Jotunheim 5. Schwarzalbenheim (Svartalfheim) (Gold der Unterwelt) 6. […]
Albums Deggial

1. Seven Secrets of the Sphinx 2. Eternal Return 3. Enter Vril-Ya 4. Ship of Luna 5. The Invincible 6. Deggial 7. Emerald Crown 8. […]
Albums Crowning of Atlantis

1. The Crowning of Atlantis 2. Mark of Cain 3. Clavicula Nox 4. Crazy Nights (Loudness cover) 5. From the Dionysian Days 6. Thor (Manowar […]
Albums Vovin

1. The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah 2. Birth of Venus Illegitima 3. Wine of Aluqah 4. Clavicula Nox 5. The Wild Hunt 6. Eye […]
Albums A’arab Zaraq – Lucid Dreaming

1. In Remembrance 2. Black Fairy 3. Fly to the Rainbow (Scorpions cover) 4. Children of the Damned (Iron Maiden cover) 5. Under Jolly Roger […]
Albums Theli

1. Preludium 2. To Mega Therion 3. Cults of the Shadow 4. In the Desert of Set 5. Interludium 6. Nightside of Eden 7. Opus […]
Albums Lepaca Kliffoth

1. The Wings of the Hydra 2. Melez 3. Arrival of the Darkest Queen 4. The Beauty in Black 5. Riders of Theli 6. Blac […]
News THERION – unveil second single, ‘Night Reborn’!

Symphonic metal pioneers THERION unveiled the plot and first track off their opulent opera project »Beloved Antichrist« last year, which will see the light of day on February 9th. […]
Albums Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas

1. Baal Reginon 2. Dark Princess Naamah 3. A Black Rose (Covered with Tears, Blood and Ice) 4. Symphoni Drakonis Inferni 5. Dawn of Perishness […]
Albums Beyond Sanctorum

1. Future Consciousness 2. Pandemonic Outbreak 3. Cthulhu 4. Symphony of the Dead 5. Beyond Sanctorum 6. Enter the Depths of Eternal Darkness 7. Illusions […]
Albums Of Darkness…

1. The Return 2. Asphyxiate with Fear 3. Morbid Reality 4. Megalomaniac 5. A Suburb to Hell 6. Genocidal Raids 7. Time Shall Tell 8. […]
Artist Therion

Therion was formed in Upplands Väsby (a suburb to Stockholm, Sweden) in 1987 by Christofer Johnsson, under the name ”Blitzkrieg”. Chris was at that time […]