Albums In The Absence Of Light

Breathe Emptiness Flatline The Heretic Pulse Vermin The Divided Plaguewielder Death Parade The Vessel Obsidian Dead On Earth   In The Absence of Light is The Man-Eating Tree’s fourth studio

Albums Harvest

1.  Harvest Bell 2. At the Green Country Chapel 3. Code of Surrender 4. Armed 5. Like Mute Companions 6. Exhaled 7. Down to the Color of the Eye 8.

Albums Vine

Lathing a New Man The white Plateau This Longitude of Sleep King of July Of Birth for Passing Out of the Wind Nights in white satin Tide Shift Instead of

Artist The Man-Eating Tree

The Man-Eating Tree Is a Finnish four-piece band based in Oulu, performing atmospheric metal music. The seed of the new band was planted when Vesa Ranta, having taken a break

Concerts Swallow the Sun and The Man-Eating Tree – Turku, Finland 8.2.2019

Swallow the Sun released their seventh studio album When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light at the end of January. They played the second show of their album tour