Reviews The Chant – New Haven

“[…]This is not the way the world’s supposed to be.” The Chant is one of those bands one would wish to be more famous and […]
Albums New Haven

New Haven was released on 2014. It is the fourth album by The Chant. Click here to check this album’s review.
Albums A Healing Place

A Healing Place is the third official album by The Chant. It was released on May the 30th, 2012. The cover art was made by Kalle […]
Albums This Is The World We Know

PRODUCTION Produced by Ville Sorvali (Metalheim Productions, Moonsorrow). Recorded at: South Curve studios, vocals, keyboards, percussion Drop Hammer studios, guitars, bass Sound Track studios / Jukka Puurula, […]
Albums Ghostlines

The Chant’s debut album “Ghostlines” came out in 2008. 54 minutes of melancholic music full of beautiful melodies and harmonies, was released by Shadow World Records. […]
Artist The Chant

The Chant is a seven-member Finnish band based in Vantaa and Helsinki. The current line-up was formed in 1999, when Jussi Hämäläinen, Mari Jämbäck and […]