Interviews Interview with Tommi Salmela (Tarot / Lazy Bonez / Raskasta Joulua)

We had the time to have a small interview with Tommi Salmela from Tarot, Raskasta Joulua and Lazy Bonez about several topics. Will we ever get the chance to see

Albums The Spell Of Iron MMXI

Midwinter Nights Dancing On The Wire Back In The Fire Love’s Not Made for My Kind Never Forever The Spell of Iron De Mortui Nil Nisi Bene Pharao Wings of

Albums Gravity Of Light

Satan Is Dead Hell Knows Rise! Pilot Of All Dreams Magic And Technology Calling Down The Rain Caught In The Deadlights I Walk Forever Sleep In The Dark Gone End

Albums Crows Fly Black

Crows Fly Black Traitor Ashes To The Star Messenger OfGods Before The Skies Come Down Tides Bleeding Dust You  Howl! Grey Crows Fly Black is the seventh album by Finnish heavy metal band Tarot, released on

Albums Suffer Our Pleasures

I Rule Pyre Of Gods Rider Of The Last Day Follow the Blind Undead Son  Of Time and Dust From the Void  Convulsions From the Shadows Painless Suffer Our Pleasures is

Albums For The Glory Of Nothing

Crawlspace Warhead I’m Here Shining Black Beyond Troy Dark Star Burning The Scourger Ghosts Of Me The Punishment Ice For The Glory Of Nothing is the fifth album by Finnish heavy metal band Tarot, released in 1998.

Albums Stigmata

Angels of Pain E.T.I Shades in Glass As One State Of Grace Race The Light Expected To Heal  Sleepless The Teeth Stigmata  Stigmata is the fourth album by Finnish heavy metal band Tarot, released in 1995

Albums To Live Forever

Do You Wanna Live Forever The Colour of Your Blood The Invisible Hand Live Hard Die Hard Sunken Graves The Chosen Born Into The Flame In My Blood Tears of

Albums Follow Me Into Madness

Descendants of Power Rose on the Grave Lady Deceiver Follow Me Into Madness Blood Runs Cold/Happy End No Return I Don’t Care Anymore Breathing Fire I Spit Venom Shadow in

Albums Spell of Iron

Midwinter Nights Dancing on the Wire Back in the Fire Love’s Not Made for My Kind Never Forever Spell of Iron De Mortui Nil Nisi Bene Pharao Wings of Darkness

Artist Tarot

Tarot is a Heavy Metal band from Finland. Here is their story.   1980’s  Spell of Iron (1986), Follow Me Into Madness (1988) Tarot was originally formed by the Hietala