Albums Dödsfärd

1. Intro 2. I Evig Tid 3. Ravenous 4. Ägirs Vrede 5. Dödsfärd 6. Fimbultrollet 7. Daudr 8. Vrede 9. Pagan War 10. Ursjälens Visdom 11. Gillesvisan Dödsfärd is the third studio album release […]
Albums Havets Vargar

1. Havets Vargar 2. Trädatanke, Fader Tids Död 3. Gryningstimma 4. En del av allt som blivit glömt 5. Fädernes jord 6. Vargtörne 7. Vanvett 8. Spjutsång 9. Ett gammalt bergtroll 10. Fylgians […]
Albums Nordstjärnans tidsålder

1. I nordstjärnans sken 2. Fädernas kall (under höjda nordbanér) 3. Drakeld 4. Den dödes drömmar 5. Nordanblod 6. En fallen härskare 7. Ymer 8. Vindar från glömda tider 9. Blod, […]
News IN FLAMES – Announce Partial Lineup For Their Two-Day Festival “BORGHOLM BRINNER”

It‘s finally time for the first installment of IN FLAMES‘ own two-day festival: Borgholm Brinner (Borgholm is Burning) – coming this July 27-28th. In addition to the Swedish […]
News ARCH ENEMY Drummer DANIEL ERLANDSSON On Status Of EUCHARIST Comeback Album: ‘We’ve Been Working On Some Demos’

Cat Unwrapped of the “Collision” radio show on Australia’s Voice FM recently conducted an interview with ARCH ENEMY drummer Daniel Erlandsson. You can now listen to the chat below. A couple of excerpts […]
Albums Through Aching Aeons

1. Silent Rapture 2. Spineless Kingdom 3. Through Aching Aeons 4. In This Embrace 5. Beneath the Bleeding Sky 6. Slither 7. Divine Blindness 8. […]
Albums Counting Our Scars

1. In a Cage 2. Counting Our Scars 3. Ready to Bleed 4. This Broken Halo 5. The Moment Is Gone 6. Uneven Numbers 7. […]
Albums Swallow the Snake

1. Mushroom Smile 2. The Bitter Man 3. Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow 4. Swallow the Snake 5. In My Veins 6. Blizzard in My Blood […]
Albums Bitterness

1. Life Shatters 2. Left Behind 3. A Closing Eye 4. Taste of Tragedy 5. Bleeding 6. Among Mortals 7. Enslaved 8. Winter 9. Cold […]
Albums Into Eternity

1. Into Eternity 2. Depression 3. Tears 4. The Chill Within 5. Visions 6. Twisted Emotions 7. Forever Gone 8. Passed Away 9. Asleep Into […]
Albums Home Sweet Hell…

1. Heart of Darkness 2. Dellamortesque 3. Fucked 4. Home Sweet Hell 5. Into the Fire 6. The Tombs of My Fear 7. Supercharged 8. […]
Albums Uglier and More Disgusting

1. Uglier and More Disgusting 2. Sex Machine 3. Miss Lords 4. Corpses 5. The Lies 6. Fallen Angel Crashes Dead 7. Dirty 8. Plug […]
Albums Everything You Hate

1. Total Agony 2. Break the Limits 3. Fuck Off 4. Pieces 5. Empty 6. No Shit 7. In a Box 8. In Your Face […]
Albums Chaos Manifesto

1. A Void Most Obscure 2. Towards Greater Gods 3. Sung to Possess 4. Välkommen Undergång 5. Torture Parade 6. From Nothing 7. Unfold Thy […]
Albums Darkness Unbound

1. Darkness Unbound 2. The Order 3. An Endless Celebration 4. Contempt and Conquest 5. King of All 6. The Healing Control 7. Hellfire Empire […]
Albums Death Infernal

1. The Arrival of Armageddon 2. Return in Flesh 3. Black Inferno 4. Ravenous 5. March for Victory 6. Through Hellfire 7. All Will Perish […]
Albums Hellsworn

1. Baptized in Fire 2. World Serpent 3. Infernal Void 4. Bloodridden 5. Götter des Nordens 6. Children of Sin 7. Death Metal Darkness 8. […]
Albums Servants of the Unlight

1. Suicide Throne 2. Revel in Misanthropia 3. Burned Alive 4. Feeding the Armageddon 5. United in Torture 6. Slaughter of All Hope 7. Unholy […]
Albums Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)

1. The Knell and the World 2. Falcula 3. To Achieve the Ancestral Powers 4. Ride the Wings of Pestilence 5. The Aphelion Deserts 6. […]
Albums Nær Sólen Gar Niþer For Evogher

1. Eyesland 2. The Ethereal Forest 3. Diabolical Beauty 4. In the Depths of My Soul 5. Ginom Renande Lughier 6. As the Tears Fall […]
Albums Phantasma

1. Far from God 2. Plasma Phantasma 3. Basic Black 4. Down Cold 5. Coma Burn 6. 2nd Last to Nowhere 7. Wavecell 8. Drowning […]
Albums The Beast Divine

1. The Lightning / Firewire 2. Union of the Rats 3. Silicon Karma (It Just Can’t Stay the Same) 4. AntiChrist 3000 5. The Carrier […]
Albums Last Confessions

1. Forever 2. Caress the Damned 3. So Sad Your Sorrow 4. 1213 – Trancegalactica 5. Twin Reactor 6. Fields of Fire 7. One Burning […]
Albums Sundown

1. Elysia 2. Closer to the Pain 3. Last Transmission 4. Sundown 5. Ophidian 6. Primal 7. New Dawn Coming 8. The Embrace 9. Morningstar […]
Albums Black Vanity

1. Bitter Seed 2. Ebony Rain 3. Hunger of the Innocent 4. Scarecrow 5. Black Flowers of Passion 6. Last Departure/Serpentine Parade 7. Sweet Tragedy […]
Albums Godless Beauty

1. Now She Walks the Shadows 2. The Serpent’s Kiss 3. And Julie Is No More 4. By My Own Hand 5. Chain 6. Adrift […]
Albums An Evil Shade of Grey

1. Dead Red 2. Where the Rivers of Madness Stream 3. Dark Illusions 4. An Evil Shade of Grey 5. Sidereal Passing 6. Scars 7. […]
Albums The Sinister Supremacy

1. Sounds of Pre-Existence 2. The Sinister Supremacy 3. Mechanically Divine 4. Ostracized 5. The Decline 6. Insurrection Is Imminent 7. In the Absence of […]
Albums Demonic Art

1. Variations of an Eye Crush 2. Leaving Existence 3. Demonic Art 4. Absolution 5. Execution 44 6. Impetious Constant Chaos 7. Demigod 8. Soul […]
Albums Layers of Lies

1. Amnesia of the Wildoerian Apocalypse 2. Secondary Effects 3. Organic Canvas 4. Fading Dimensions 5. Layers of Lies 6. Godforsaken Universe 7. Klastrophobic Hibernation […]
Albums Expanding Senses

1. Innocence Gone 2. Solitary Confinement 3. Fatal Impact 4. Imaginary Entity 5. Violence from Within 6. The Fear of One’s Self 7. Chaos vs. […]
News THERION – kick off EU tour and present new single ‘Bring Her Home’

Yesterday, symphonic metal titans THERION kicked off their pan-European headline tour with IMPERIAL AGE, NULL POSITIV and several others. While presenting some of the new tracks of their upcoming […]
News CYHRA guitarist EUGE VALOVIRTA releases solo single “FEED THE FIRE” – solo album in spring 2018

CyHra guitarist Euge Valovirta will release his first solo album this spring, and the first preview of what’s to come has been unveiled. “Feed The […]
News THERION’s CHRISTOFER JOHNSSON: ‘Every Time We Release A New Album, There’s Always A Lot Of Complaints Because We Always Change The Style’

Josh Rundquist of That Drummer Guy recently conducted an interview with mainman Christofer Johnsson of symphonic metal pioneers THERION. You can listen to the entire interview below. A few excerpts follow […]

Gothenburg melodic death metal pioneers, DARK TRANQUILLITY, will do another string of European headline shows in support of their latest album “Atoma”. They will be […]
News MESHUGGAH – announce European tour 2018!

Grammy nominated extreme tech-metal messiahs MESHUGGAH have announced a European tour for summer 2018. After the release of their highly successful, eighth studio album, »The Violent Sleep Of […]

The title track of NECROPHOBIC’s upcoming studio album “Mark Of The Necrogram” has been released today! “Mark Of The Necrogram”, NECROPHOBIC’s eighth studio album, will […]
News LETTERS FROM THE COLONY – unveil lyric video for ‘Terminus’!

On February 16th, progressive extreme metal architects LETTERS FROM THE COLONY will release their crushing debut album. »Vignette« mixes perfection with ordered chaos; the unbridled joy of experimentation with […]
News Danish metallers Cabal premiere video for False Light

Cabal are premiering their new video for False Light exclusively with Metal Hammer. The song is taken from the band’s upcoming debut album Mark Of Rot, the follow-up to […]
News THERION – unveil second single, ‘Night Reborn’!

Symphonic metal pioneers THERION unveiled the plot and first track off their opulent opera project »Beloved Antichrist« last year, which will see the light of day on February 9th. […]
News Swedish death metallers Lik sign to Metal Blade Records

In the dirt where fallen icons lay to rest, the maggots and seeds spawned in 2014 a new creation. This took the ugly form of Lik, […]
News DARK FUNERAL parted ways with their drummer Nils ‘Dominator’ Fjellstroem

Swedish black metal masters, DARK FUNERAL, have just announced that they are parting ways with their drummer Nils “Dominator” Fjellstroem.   Lord Ahriman comments: “We must […]
News AT THE GATES To Enter The Studio

At The Gates surprised everybody with their excellent comeback album in 2014, At War with Reality, and now they’re ready to do it again. The band […]
News SHINING To Release ‘X Varg Utan Flock’ Album In January; New Song ‘Gyllene Portarnas Bro’ Streaming

Swedish “suicidal black metal” band SHINING will release its new album, “X – Varg Utan Flock”, on January 5 via Season Of Mist. The artwork for the disc was […]
News THE HAUNTED: New playthrough clip for “THE FALL”; on tour now & more dates announced!

Swedish Thrash Metallers THE HAUNTED continue to be busy promoting their latest, 9th studio album “Strength In Numbers”, which was released worldwide via Century Media Records […]