Albums Resurrection

1. Resurrection 2. Crimson Snow 3. Adultery 4. My Dead Dreams 5. Death in Black 6. Collector of Tears 7. Waiting for Lunacy to Find […]
Albums Shadow’s Dance

1. Abandon 2. Tear It Down 3. Rotten in Peace 4. Leavetaking 5. God’s Punishment 6. Make You Pay 7. In the Ocean Sky 8. […]
Albums Sea of Dreams

1. Intro 2. Sick to the Core 3. Walkin’ Among the Dead 4. Inside My Head 5. Sea of Dreams 6. Surrounded by Dreams 7. […]
Artist Godgory

Godgory was a Swedish melodic death metal/death doom metal band that was formed August 1992 by drummer Erik Andersson and vocalist Matte Andersson. Forming in 1992, Godgory started their career covering […]
Albums Corpus in Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism

1. Necronomics 2. Decedent Scarification Aesthetics 3. Restrained Remains 4. Final Excarnation 5. Necrocriticism 6. Exotoxic Septicity 7. Adnexal Mass 8. Virulent Corpus Dispersement 9. […]
Albums Left Hand Pathology

1. If These Walls Could Talk 2. Ambulance Chaser 3. Fulguration 4. Arterial Spray Obsession 5. Necrodecontamination 6. The League of Extraordinary Grave Robbers 7. […]
Artist General Surgery

General Surgery is a Swedish goregrind group, known as one of the earliest Carcass clones. Their 1991 debut, Necrology, was released by Relapse Records and would be General Surgery’s only material released until 2001, […]
Albums Sindustries

1. Selfproclaimed Messiah 2. Doom & Gloom 3. Long Snap to Zero 4. Courageous 5. Heartless 6. The Suffering 7. Scissorfight 8. Sonic Death Monkey […]
Albums Soulburner

1. As a True King 2. Powertool 3. Deserted 4. Soulburner 5. If Tomorrow’s Gone 6. Small Electric Space 7. Chaos in Flesh 8. Ecstasy […]
Albums Two Feet Stand

1. Two Feet Stand 2. Flipside of Reality 3. The Downfall 4. Awake of Abuse 5. Netherworld 6. Do Me Now 7. Murder… 8. Freedom […]
Artist Gardenian

Gardenian is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Gothenburg that formed in 1996 and disbanded in 2004 but reunited in 2012. Gardenian was formed in April 1996 by drummer Thim […]
Albums At Dusk and Forever

1. Wounds 2. The Nightfall 3. At Dusk and Forever 4. Battles to Come 5. The Burning Sky 6. Never Alone Again 7. Always 8. […]
Albums The Dawn of Flames

1. Perpetual Dawn (The Arrival of Eternity – End My Pain) 2. Trail of Tears 3. Forever Scarred 4. Dreamfields 5. Dawn of Flames 6. […]
Albums A Bloodred Path

1. Inanna 2. Where the Winds of Darkness Blow 3. The Silence 4. Tears 5. The Dreaming Glade 6. When Daylight’s Gone 7. Into Seasons […]
Artist Gates Of Ishtar

Gates of Ishtar is a melodic death metal band from Sweden. Gates of Ishtar was formed in late 1992 by Mikael Sandorf (vocals), Andreas Johansson (drums), Stefan Nilsson (guitar) and […]
News Hypocrisy on tour again!

Great news for all fans of Swedish death metal pioneers – Hypocrisy! After band announced their come back in the beginning of the year, just […]
News AMON AMARTH’s JOHAN HEGG talks about interacting with fans, video available

Ben of Australia’s “The Moshpit Backstage” podcast recently conducted an interview with frontman Johan Hegg of Swedish death metal veterans AMON AMARTH. You can listen […]
News GRAVEYARD Premieres “Please Don’t” Video!

Swedish classic rock connoisseurs GRAVEYARD have released the official music video for “Please Don’t”, the first single from the band’s eagerly anticipated comeback album, “Peace”. The disc was recorded […]
News GHOST unveil new leader…. Cardinal Copia!

GHOST has unveiled the “new” Papa in a three-minute video clip titled “Introducing The Cardinal.” In the clip, the band’s “new” leader comes face-to-face with an aged Papa Emeritus […]
Albums Silent Killer

1. Givin’ 2 . Winners 3. Libertà 4. Barrage 5. Lawbreaker 6. Fire 7. Silent Killer 8. The Answer 9. Grave Digger 10. Burn Silent Killer is the tenth studio album by Swedish heavy metal […]
News GHOST Tease The Arrival Of A New Papa

Swedish metal band GHOST recently revealed a brand new three-minute teaser in which the arrival of the new Papa, Papa Emeritus IV, is disclosed. The clip, titled […]
News AT THE GATES Release New Song And Video “A Stare Bound In Stone”

A new track from AT THE GATES‘s new album is now available. “A Stare Bound In Stone” is taken from “To Drink From The Night Itself”, […]
Reviews Stormr – Call of the Wild

As a musician myself, I can’t help but to have respect for one man ventures like Stormr. It takes a lot of skill to create […]
News PAIN confirm their upcoming “Australian Coming Home Tour”

The previously announced May tour from Swedish industrial metal act, PAIN, WILL go ahead in May! The recent troubles surrounding failed promoter Stag Music Touring led to one […]
News THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA Wrap Up Recording A New Album

After taking the world of rock music by storm with last year’s surprise hit, AMBER GALACTIC, which also got nominated for a Swedish Grammy in the process, […]
Artist The Night Flight Orchestra

This is the story of The Night Flight Orchestra. They have been drifters for a thousand years, victims of circumstance. Now, the erstwhile classic rock […]
News SPARZANZA Release “Whatever Come May Be” Video With Fan Footage

Swedish metallers SPARZANZA just launched a new video for “Whatever Come May Be”, single from their latest album “Announcing The End“ which was released via Despotz Records […]
News FOLLOW THE CIPHER Reveal Second Album Trailer!

FOLLOW THE CIPHER recently announced the release of their self-titled debut album which will be available on May 11, 2018 through Nuclear Blast. Its cover […]
News HARDCORE SUPERSTAR Releases ‘Electric Rider’ Single

Gothenburg, Sweden-based rockers HARDCORE SUPERSTAR have released their latest single, “Electric Rider”, via Gain Music Entertainment. The song is taken from the band’s forthcoming 11th studio album, “You Can’t Kill […]
News MISERY LOVES CO. Returns With New Single, ‘Suburban Breakdown’

When Swedish industrial band MISERY LOVES CO. returned in 2016 and hit the main stages at some of Europe’s leading metal festivals some might have thought of […]
News SABATON – reveal »Kingdom Come: Deliverance« music video!

Swedish heavy metal heroes SABATON concluded their triumphant North American co-headlining run with German thrash titans and label mates KREATOR a few days ago but before they fly over […]
Albums Six Waves of Woe

1. Submission 2. Selfdestructive 3. Detached 4. Moments in Solitude 5. Pernicious 6. Deprived Six Waves Of Woe is the second full-length album by Swedish […]
Albums Departure

1. Sleeping Death 2. November Dream 3. Bleak Dormition 4. Open Wound 5. Departure Departure is the debut full-length album by Swedish doom metal band Forest […]
Reviews The Crown – Cobra Speed Venom

Destroyed by Madness! I am the king of Chaos! What more do you need from Death Metal? The Crown only released this album today, and […]
Albums Announcing The End

1. Announcing The End 2. Damnation 3. Whatever Come May Be 4. Vindication 5. The Trigger 6. Breathe In The Fire 7. One Last Breath […]
Albums Circle

1. Bradycardia 2. Pine Barrens 3. Underneath My Skin 4. Breathe 5. Into The Unknown 6. The Contract 7. Enemy Of My Enemy 8. As […]
Albums Death Is Certain, Life Is Not

1. When The World Is Gone 2. The Fallen Ones 3. Dead Inside 4. Endeavor the Dark 5. Legion 6. I Am Your God (only […]
Albums Folie À Cinq

1. Temple Of The Red-Eyed Pigs 2. Alone With A Loaded Gun 3. Mr. Fish 4. Follow Me 5. Crone Of Bell 6. Phoenix Down […]
Albums In Voodoo Veritas

1. The Blind Will Lead The Blind 2. Gone 3. Black Gemini 4. My World Of Sin 5. Robota 6. Methadream 7. On The Other […]
Albums Banisher Of The Light

1. Going Down 2. Before My Blackened eyes 3. Black Heart 4. Godsend Man 5. Enemy Mine 6. Leeches 7. Chasing The Dragon 8. Banisher […]
Albums Into The Sewers

1. Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things 2. Into The Sewers 3. Pay The Price 4. Euthanasia 5. Kindead 6. Kings On Kerosene 7. Little […]
Albums Angels Of Vengeance

1. Velodrome Home 2. Amanda 3. The Sundancer 4. Black Velvet Syndrome 5. Logan’s Run 6. Crossroad Kingdom 7. Coming Home in a Bodybag 8. […]
Video Amaranthe
Video Evergrey
News FOLLOW THE CIPHER Release New Music Video “Valkyria”

FOLLOW THE CIPHER, the Swedes that hail from Falun, recently announced the release of their self-titled debut album which will be available on May 11, […]
News Amaranthe is working on new album.

Swedish pop-metal band – Amaranthe entered the studio and is working on its fifth studio album. The upcoming album will be the first Amaranthe album […]
Video In Flames
Video Amon Amarth
Reviews Arch Enemy – Will To Power

When you hear the name Arch Enemy you automatically associate it with beautiful melodies, brutal vocals and fast pace drumming right? It is kind of […]
News DARK FUNERAL Guitarist: ‘Since I Haven’t Changed My Natural Course, The Natural Course Of The Band Hasn’t Changed That Much Either’

Eclectic Arts conducted an interview with guitarist Lord Ahriman (real name: Mikael Svanberg) of Swedish black metallers DARK FUNERAL prior to the band’s February 27 show at Studio Seven in Seattle, […]