Reviews Desolator – Sermon of Apathy

What’s purple and orange and fun all over? If you guessed death metal, then you’d be right! It’s Desolator – Sermon of Apathy, and it’s really, really good. Well, that’s

Interviews Interview with Adam Zaars of Tribulation

We were able to catch up with Adam Zaars, guitarist of Tribulation before they set off on their European tour with Ghost. Here’s what he had to say about the

Interviews TUNGSTEN drummer Anders Johansson talks about his sons Nick and Karl “I realized right away that they had talent, even at age of 4”

Anders Johansson is known to many people from his early work with Yngwie J. Malmsteen and HammerFall. Nowadays he plays drums in Manowar and Tungsten, in which his sons Nick

Artist Metalite

Metalite was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015 when Edwin Premberg [guitar] met Emma Bensing [vocals]. He presented his musical ideas and vision to her, and she agreed to join

Artist Windir

Windir (Primal Warrior in English) was a black metal band from Sogndal, Norway. The band was formed in 1994 by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Terje “Valfar” Bakken, and released its debut

Artist Shining

Founded in 1996 by frontman and only remaining original member Niklas Kvarforth, SHINING‘s debut 7” “Submit To Self-Destruction” was released two years later on Kvarforth’s own newly- formed record label

Reviews Wormwood – Nattarvet

Powerful blend of heavy and raw, black metal, heavy metal, folk/pagan, blues and grooves from another era. Wormwood’s second full length album Nattarvet not only combines a handful of musical

Artist Blowsight

Blowsight is a Swedish rock band formed in 2003. Since then, it has undergone some changes. Today, the group consists of Niklas Fagerström, aka Nick Red (vocals and guitar), Serban “Seb”