Albums Circle Of Lies

01. Hey You 02. Circle Of Lies 03. Searching For Freedom 04. No Hero 05. More Than A Woman 06. Eyes Of Hurricane 07. Seems To Be Right 08. Real

Albums Rust On The Rose

01. Raise Your Fist 02. Rock’n Roll World 03. Rust On The Rose 04. We’re Gonna Strike 05. Poor Man’s Buddy 06. Promised To Be Mine 07. Freedom Call 08.

Albums Out Of The Darkness

01. Out Of The Darkness 02. Rock Little Mama 03. Renegade 04. Lovers In The Night 05. Holy Light 06. Traveller 07. Run To The Shelter 08. Secrets Of Love

Artist Stud

PRESENT STUD’s new album is called “Circle Of Lies”, with the release date of September 1, 2017. The band has grown popularity among fans with each release, and the new