News HEVISAURUS Release “100” Single and Video Featuring Many Finnish and International Metal Stars!

Finnish famous creatures HEVISAURUS released a very special single today: “100”, literally their 100th song, is an almost 10-minute epic crossover featuring many internationally known musicians, from Finland and abroad.

STRATOVARIUS – Rock in the city – Kuopio 14.6.2019

Stratovarius in Nordic Metal. Rock In The City festival review in Nordic Metal.   STRATOVARIUS SETLIST FOR ROCK IN THE CITY KUOPIO: Enigma Eagleheart Shine in the Dark Dragons SOS

Concerts Rock in the City Festival, Kuopio Finland – June 14-15

Rock in the City is a new festival tour in Finnish summer, happening in 9 mid-sized “cities” or more like towns, and the very first in line was Kuopio, the

News TIMO TOLKKI’S AVALON: “Promises” Music Video Released

Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the return of TIMO TOLKKI’S AVALON with the release of the long awaited third chapter in his metal opera, “Return to Eden” on

News TARJA & STRATOVARIUS To Release Limited Picture 10” Vinyl – Only Available During Their European Tour

earMUSIC, TARJA and STRATOVARIUS are happy to announce the release of a very special, very limited 10” vinyl single. Only available during their upcoming joined tour, the exclusive picture vinyl is limited

News STRATOVARIUS: Lyric Video For Orchestral Version Of ‘Unbreakable’

Finnish metallers STRATOVARIUS are back with a new album — with some fresh and some very rare material. Due on September 28 via earMUSIC, “Enigma: Intermission 2” features three brand new songs as well as,


STRATOVARIUS, the top name in the melodic power metal scene, are back with a new album – with some fresh and some very rare material! “ENIGMA: Intermission 2” features three brand new songs as well

News A Nordic Symphony ‘18 – TARJA TURUNEN & STRATOVARIUS Double Headline Tour

Needless to say that one can await big things when the queen of heavy rock, the brightest star of the symphonic rock scene and certainly the most internationally well-known Finnish female

Video Stratovarius
Albums Eternal

1. My Eternal Dream 2. Shine In The Dark 3. Rise Above It 4. Lost Without A Trace 5. Feeding The Fire 6. Endless Forest 7. Giants 8. In My

Albums Nemesis

1. Abandon 2. Unbreakable 3. Stand My Ground 4. Halcyon Days 5. Fantasy 6. Out Of The Fog 7. Castles In The Air 8. Dragons 9. One Must Fall 10.

Albums Elysium

1. Darkest Hours 2. Under Flaming Skies 3. Infernal Maze 4. Fairness Justified 5. The Game Never Ends 6. Lifetime In A Moment 7. Move The Mountain 8. Event Horizon

Albums Polaris

1. Deep Unknown 2. Falling Star 3. King Of Nothing 4. Blind 5. Winter Skies 6. Forever Is Today 7. Higher We Go 8. Somehow Precious 9. Emancipation Suite Part

Albums Stratovarius

1. Maniac Dance 2. Fight!!! 3. Just Carry On 4. Back To Madness 5. Gypsy In Me 6. Götterdämmerung (Zenith Of Power) 7. The Land Of Ice And Snow 8.

Albums Elements Pt. 2

1. Alpha & Omega 2. I Walk To My Own Song 3. I’m Still Alive 4. Season Of Faith’s Perfection 5. Awaken The Giant 6. Know The Difference 7. Luminous

Albums Elements Pt. 1

1. Eagleheart 2. Soul Of A Vagabond 3. Find Your Own Voice 4. Fantasia 5. Learning To Fly 6. Papillon 7. Stratofortress 8. Elements 9. A Drop In The Ocean

Albums Infinite

1. Hunting High And Low 2. Millenium 3. Mother Gaia 4. Phoenix 5. Glory Of The World 6. A Million Light Years Away 7. Freedom 8. Celestial Dream 9. Infinity

Albums Destiny

1. Destiny 2. S.O.S. 3. No Turning Back 4. 4000 Rainy Nights 5. Rebel 6. Years Go By 7. Playing with Fire 8. Venus in the Morning 9. Anthem of

Albums Visions

1. The Kiss of Judas 2. Black Diamond 3. Forever Free 4. Before the Winter 5. Legions 6. The Abyss of Your Eyes 7. Holy Light 8. Paradise 9. Coming

Albums Episode

1. Father Time 2. Will the Sun Rise? 3. Eternity 4. Episode 5. Speed of Light 6. Uncertainty 7. Season of Change 8. Stratosphere 9. Babylon 10. Tomorrow 11. Night

Albums Fourth Dimension

1. Against the Wind 2. Distant Skies 3. Galaxies 4. Winter 5. Stratovarius 6. Lord of the Wasteland 7. 030366 8. Nightfall 9. We Hold the Key 10. Twilight Symphony

Albums Dreamspace

1. Chasing Shadows 2. 4th Reich 3. Eyes of the World 4. Hold On to Your Dream 5. Magic Carpet Ride 6. We Are the Future 7. Tears of Ice

Albums Twilight Time (II)

1. Break the Ice 2. The Hands of Time 3. Madness Strikes at Midnight 4. Metal Frenzy 5. Twilight Time 6. The Hills Have Eyes 7. Out of the Shadows

Albums Fright Night

1. Future Shock 2. False Messiah 3. Black Night 4. Witch-Hunt 5. Fire Dance 6. Fright Night 7. Night Screamer 8. Darkness 9. Goodbye Fright Night is the first studio album


Stratovarius frontman Timo Kotipelto recently spoke with Italy’s SpazioRock and discussed playing acoustic gigs with former Sonata Arctica guitarist Jani Liimatainen, performing Stratovarius‘ Visions album in its entirety, and what

Artist Stratovarius

Stratovarius was founded in 1984 in Finland under the name Black Water. They went through a number of personnel, style and name changes before the band found its own voice.