Albums Necessary Excess of Violence

1. The Stellar Circle 2. Where We Were Born We Will Demise 3. The Darkest Part of You 4. Of Blood and Ash 5. I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

Albums Garden of Bones

1. Holy Ground 2. The New Armageddon 3. Insanity Arise 4. Dark Waves 5. Hellstorm 6. Cleansed by Fire 7. Mass Murder 8. The Creator 9. Black Wings 10. Garden

Albums Arrival at Six

1. We Who Walk Among the Dead 2. Created from Darkness and Rage 3. Master of the Chains 4. United Satanic Alliance 5. Arrival at Six 6. Warbringer 7. Maculated

Albums Bloodchilling Tales

1. Bloodchilling Tales 2. Legacy of Blood 3. The Rite of Sacrifice 4. Death 5. Dragons of the Burning Twilight 6. Rivers of the Dead 7. Immortality Given 8. Descend

Artist Sorcery

Sorcery was formed during the summer of 1986 and was influenced early on by the harder part of the hard rock spectrum. On the first demo from 1987, there are