Albums Ordeal

Disc 1 (CD) 1. You 2. Momentary 3. The Departure 4. March Incomplete 5. The Road 6. Closing Music 7. Pouring 8. The March and the Stream Disc 2 (DVD)

Albums Alloy

1. The Arrival 2. March October 3. Antimony 4. The Curtain 5. Pendulum 6. Oars in the Dusk Alloy is the fourth studio album by the Finnish funeral doom band Skepticism. The album was

Albums Farmakon

1. The Raven and the Backward Funeral 2. Shred of Light, Pinch of Endless 3. Farmakon Process 4. – 5. Nowhere 6. Nothing Farmakon is the third album of the Finnish funeral doom

Albums Lead and Aether

1. The Organium 2. The March and the Stream 3. The Falls 4. Forge 5. -Edges- 6. Aether Lead and Aether is the second full-length album by Finnish funeral doom metal

Albums Stormcrowfleet

1. Sign of a Storm 2. Pouring 3. By Silent Wings 4. The Rising of the Flames 5. The Gallant Crow 6. The Everdarkgreen Stormcrowfleet is the debut album by the Finnish funeral

Artist Skepticism

Skepticism is a funeral doom metal band from Finland. Formed in 1991, they are regarded as one of the pioneers of the genre. Starting out with a death metal sound on their first 7″, Skepticism soon