Albums Arcane Astral Aeons

1. In Styx Embrace 2. Into The Night 3. Love Like Cyanide 4. Desire 5. Asphyxia 6. Queen Of Lies 7. Nos Heures Sombres 8. […]
News SIRENIA: ‘Into The Night’ Video Released

“Into The Night”, the new video from Nordic epic metal masters SIRENIA, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band’s upcoming album, “Arcane Astral […]
News SIRENIA: Audio Samples Of Entire ‘Arcane Astral Aeons’ Album

Audio samples of all the songs that will appear on “Arcane Astral Aeons”, the new album from Nordic epic metal masters SIRENIA, can be streamed in the YouTube clip […]
News SIRENIA Releases “Love Like Cyanide” Single Featuring Yannis Papadopoulos From BEAST IN BLACK

Norwegian symphonic/gothic metallers SIRENIA premiered today the first taste of their upcoming ninth album “Arcane Astral Aeons”, set to be released on October 26 via Napalm Records. […]
News SIRENIA Unveil Cover For New Album “Arcane Astral Aeons” & Announce European Tour Dates!

Norwegian epic metal masters SIRENIA are going to return to the European stages again. In November, Morten Veland and his bandmates are heading South for an […]
Albums Dim Days Of Dolor

1. Goddess Of The Sea 2. Dim Days Of Dolor 3. The 12th Hour 4. Treasure N’ Treason 5. Cloud Nine 6. Veil Of Winter […]
Albums The Seventh Life Path

1. Seti 2. Serpent 3. Once My Light 4. Elixir 5. Sons Of The North 6. Earendel 7. Concealed Disdain 8. Insania 9. Contemptuous Quitus […]
Albums Perils Of The Deep Blue

1. Ducere Me In Lucem 2. Seven Widows Weep 3. My Destiny Coming To Pass 4. Ditt Endelikt 5. Cold Caress 6. Darkling 7. Decadence […]
Albums The Enigma Of Life

1. The End Of It All 2. Fallen Angel 3. All My Dreams 4. This Darkness 5. The Twilight In Your Eyes 6. Winter Land […]
Albums The 13th Floor

1. The Path To Decay 2. Lost In Life 3. The Mind Maelstrom 4. The Seventh Summer 5. Beyond Life’s Scenery 6. The Lucid Door […]
Albums Nine Destinies And A Downfall

1. The Last Call 2. My Mind’s Eye 3. One By One 4. Sundown 5. Absent Without Leave 6. The Other Side 7. Seven Keys […]
Albums An Elixir For Existence

1. Lithium And A Lover 2. Voices Within 3. A Mental Symphony 4. Euphoria 5. In My Darkest Hours 6. Save Me From Myself 7. […]
Albums At Sixes And Sevens

1. Meridian 2. Sister Nightfall 3. On The Wane 4. In A Manica 5. At Sixes And Sevens 6. Lethargica 7. Manic Aeon 8. A […]
Artist Sirenia

SIRENIA was formed by Morten Veland in January 2001. Morten’s musical work was already well known through his work with his former band TRISTANIA, a […]