Albums Hvísl stjarnanna

1. Apparitions 2. Mephitic Haze 3. The Arteries of Withered Earth 4. Crimson Stars 5. Úr kaleik martraða 6. Hvísl stjarnanna Hvísl stjarnanna is the second full-length album by Icelandic

Albums Aphotic Womb

1. Katabasis 2. Cursed Salvation 3. Verminous 4. Shattered Pillars 5. Stygian Voyage 6. Aphotic Womb 7. Teratoid Crossbreed 8. Mountains of Quivering Bones Aphotic Womb is the debut album by

Artist Sinmara

Sinmara is a Black Metal act from Iceland featuring members of Svartidauði, Slidhr and Almyrkvi.