News SILENTIUM – getting active again and planning a new album

Finnish Gothic metallers SILENTIUM posted on their Facebook page that although they have been mostly in the shadows they have been writing new material and planning a new album which

Albums Amortean

1. Leave the Fallen Behind 2. The Messenger 3. A Knife in the Back 4. The Fallen Ones with You Tonight 5. My Broken Angel 6. The Cradle of Nameless

Albums Seducia

1. Hangman’s Lullaby 2. Serpentized 3. Dead Silent 4. Unbroken 5. Frostnight 6. Children of Chaos 7. Empress of the Dark 8. Seducia

Albums Sufferion – Hamartia of Prudence

1. The Letter 2. Flame Still Burns 3. Antracone’s Dream 4. Lost is My Name 5. The Wraith at the Shore 6. Heart Unyielding 7. The Conspiracy 8. Shame Forever

Albums Altum

1. Revangelis 2. Blasphemer 3. To My Beloved 4. Painless 5. …Repent… 6. Into the Arms of the Night… 7. The Lusticon 8. The Sinful 9. The Propheter of the

Albums Infinita Plango Vulnera

1. Solicitude 2. Forever Sleep 3. Redemption 4. Autumn Heart 5. Whatever the Pain 6. Maiden of the Forest 7. Requiem 8. With Blood Adorned 9. At the Dawn I

Artist Silentium

The story of Silentium goes back to December 1995 into the ashes of a death/gothic metal band called Funeral. From the remains of Funeral, keyboardist Sami Boman and original vocalist