Concerts Kalmah + Shade Empire + Mors Subita – Nosturi, Helsinki – April 28, 2018

Finnish melodic death metal band KALMAH has recently been on a 4 dates tour across Finland (Oulu, Vaasa, Tampere and Helsinki) to promote the release of […]
Albums Poetry of the Ill-Minded

Poetry Of The Ill-Minded is the fifth full-length album released by Finnish black metal band Shade Empire. It was released on June 30, 2017, on […]
Albums Omega Arcane

Omega Arcane is the fourth studio album by the Finnish metal band Shade Empire. It was released May 6, 2013 by Candlelight Records.
Albums Zero Nexus

Zero Nexus is the third studio album by the Finnish metal band Shade Empire. It was released March 12, 2008 by Dynamic Arts Records
Albums Intoxicate O.S.

Intoxicate O.S. is the second full-length album by the Finnish dark metal band Shade Empire. The album was recorded at Studio Perkele in Finland. Intoxicate O.S. is the first […]
Albums Sinthetic

Sinthetic is the debut album by the Finnish black metal band Shade Empire.
Artist Shade Empire

Unspeakably brutal guitar patterns, multi-layered and yet beautiful synth walls, ingenious arrangements combined with electronics, devastating drum parts, complex bass assaults and the unique vocals […]