Reviews INSOMNIUM – ‘Heart Like a Grave’ Album Review

INSOMNIUMĀ is one of those bands that hold a very important place in my heart. Their music, both live and recorded, has carried me through some of the most difficult times.

Albums The Funeral Album

1. May Today Become The Day 2. Ever-Frost 3. We Are But Falling Leaves 4. Her Last 5 Minutes 5. Where Waters Fall Frozen 6. Despair-Ridden Hearts 7. Vengeance Is

Albums The Cold White Light

1. Konevitsan Kirkonkellot 2. Cross My Heart And Hope To Die 3. Brief Is The Light 4. Neverlasting 5. Aika Multaa Muistot (Everything Is Nothing) 6. Excuse Me While I

Albums Crimson

1. Bleed In My Arms 2. Home In Despair 3. Fragile 4. No More Beating As One 5. Broken 6. Killing Me Killing You 7. Dead Moon Rising 8. The

Albums Frozen

1. Kaamos 2. Farewell 3. Dead Leaves 4. For The Love I Bear 5. One With Misery 6. The Suicider 7. The Rain Comes Falling Down 8. Grave Sweet Grave

Albums Down

1. Intro – The Gate 2. Noose 3. Shadegrown 4. Bleed 5. Keep My Grave Open 6. Crumbling Down (Give Up Hope) 7. Sun Won’t Shine 8. Ode To The

Albums Amok

1. The War Ain’t Over 2. Phenix 3. New Age Messiah 4. Forever Lost 5. Funeral Spring 6. Nepenthe 7. Dance On The Graves (Lil’ Siztah) 8. Moon Magick 9.

Albums North From Here

1. My Sky Is Darker Than Thine 2. Wings 3. Fields Of Blood, Harvester Of Hate 4. Capture Of Fire 5. Awaiting The Winter Frost 6. Beyond The Wall Of

Albums Shadows Of The Past

1. When The Moment Of Death Arrives 2. Rot To Dead 3. Disengagement 4. Rotting Ways To Misery 5. The Truth 6. Suffocated Beginning Of Life 7. Beyond The Distant

Artist Sentenced

Following a short prelude, the two guitarists Miika Tenkula and Sami Lopakka as well as drummer Vesa Ranta came together in the provincial town of Oulu in the cold north