Concerts Tons of Rock, Oslo Norway – June 27-29

Tons of Rock started back in 2014 with bands such as Volbeat, Anthrax, Slayer and Ghost as headliners. Back then the festival was in an old fortress called “Fredriksten Festning”

Albums Deep Calleth Upon Deep

1. Midnight Serpent 2. Blood Cracks Open The Ground 3. To Your Brethren In The Dark 4. Deep Calleth Upon Deep 5. The Ghost Of Rome 6. Dissonant 7. Black

Albums Satyricon

1. Voice Of Shadows 2. Tro Og Kraft 3. Our World, It Rumbles Tonight 4. Nocturnal Flare 5. Phoenix 6. Walker Upon The Wind 7. Nekrohaven 8. Ageless Northern Spirit

Albums The Age of Nero

1. Commando 2. The Wolfpack 3. Black Crow On A Tombstone 4. Die by My Hand 5. My Skin Is Cold 6. The Sign Of The Trident 7. Last Man

Albums Now, Diabolical

1. Now, Diabolical 2. K.I.N.G 3. The Pentagram Burns 4. A New Enemy 5. The Rite Of Our Cross 6. The Darkness Shall Be Eternal 7. Delirium 8. To The

Albums Volcano

1. With Ravenous Hunger 2. Angstridden 3. Fuel For Hatred 4. Suffering The Tyrants 5. Possessed 6. Repined Bastard Nation 7. Mental Mercury 8. Black Lava 9. Live Through Me

Albums Rebel Extravaganza

1. Tied In Bronze Chains 2. Filthgrinder 3. Rhapsody In Filth 4. Havoc Vulture 5. Prime Evil Renaissance 6. Supersonic Journey 7. End Of Journey 8. A Moment Of Clarity

Albums Nemesis Divina

1. The Dawn Of A New Age 2. Forhekset 3. Mother North 4. Du Som Hater Gud 5. Immortality Passion 6. Nemesis Divina 7. Transcendental Requiem Of Slaves   Nemesis

Albums The Shadowthrone

1. Hvite Krists Død 2. In The Mist By The Hills 3. Woods To Eternity 4. Vikingland 5. Dominions Of Satyricon 6. The King Of The Shadowthrone   The Shadowthrone is

Albums Dark Medieval Times

1. Walk The Path Of Sorrow 2. Dark Medieval Times 3. Skyggedans (Shadowdance) 4. Min Hyllest Til Vinterland (My Tribute To The Winterland) 5. Into The Mighty Forest 6. The

Artist Satyricon

Formed in Oslo in 1991, Satyricon made an immediate and enduring impact when they emerged from the flourishing Norwegian black metal scene. An idiosyncratic and fervently non-conformist creative force from the