Albums Saturn in Ascension

1. Litany of Rain 2. Wind Torn 3. A Lonely Passage 4. A Father’s Providence 5. Mourning Sun 6. Call of the Raven Moon 7. Forest of Insomnia 8. Between

Albums Veronika Decides to Die

1. I Long 2. Pretend 3. Descending 4. Rain Wash Me 5. All Alone 6. Embraced by Darkness 7. To the Dreams 8. Murky Waters Veronika Decides to Die is the

Albums Martyre

1. 7 2. Inflame Thy Heart 3. Empty Handed 4. Noir 5. A Poem (Written in Moonlight) 6. Softly on the Path You Fade 7. Thou Art Free 8. Drown

Albums Paradise Belongs to You

1. Paradise Belongs to You 2. Christ Goodbye 3. As We Dance the Paths of Fire and Solace 4. Pilgrimage of Sorrow 5. The Fall of Nakkiel (Nakkiel Has Fallen)

Artist Saturnus

In 1991, lead-vocalist Thomas A.G. Jensen started looking for people to start a death metal band. He hooked up with bass player, Brian Hansen, who was also looking for people into the same