Albums Unbound
Concerts SARGEIST-Brooklyn, New York: July 12, 2018

Sargeist is made up of two words; Sarg (coffin), and Geist (spirit), taking their name from Rotting Christ’s The Old Coffin Spirit. Sargeist can also be defined as; a pretty damn good Finnish

Albums Feeding the Crawling Shadows

1. Feeding the Crawling Shadows 2. In Charnel Dreams 3. Unto the Undead Temple 4. Snares of Impurity 5. Return of the Rats 6. The Unspoken Ones 7. The Shunned

Albums Let the Devil In

1. Empire of Suffering 2. A Spell to Awaken the Temple 3. From the Black Coffin Lair 4. Burning Voice of Adoration 5. Nocturnal Revelation 6. Discovering the Enshrouded Eye

Albums Disciple of the Heinous Path

1. Black Treasures of Melancholy 2. Remains of an Unholy Past 3. Cursed Blaze of Rituals 4. Disciple of the Heinous Path 5. Heretic Iron Will 6. Echoes from a

Albums Satanic Black Devotion

1. Preludium 2. Satanic Black Devotion 3. Obire Pestis (Suicidal Ruin) 4. Frowning, Existing 5. Glorification 6. Panzergod 7. Black Fucking Murder 8. Sargeist 9. Returning to Misery & Comfort

Artist Sargeist

Sargeist is a Finnish black metal band formed in 1999. Originally created as a solo project by Shatraug of the Finnish black metal act Horna, he was joined by other members since 2000, who were subsequently released from the band. After