Albums Katharsis

1. Changing of Seasons 2. Bang Bang 3. Into The War 4. I Want You To Mean It 5. True Believer 6. Tell Me Why 7. Testify 8. Smoke Signals

Concerts SANTA CRUZ – House Of Blues San Diego, CA: March 9, 2018

After nearly three hours on the road, I drove by a place where I saw a group of metalheads lined up against a building. That’s how I knew I had

Albums Bad Blood Rising

1. Young Blood Rising 2. River Phoenix 3. Fire Running Through Our Veins 4. Drag Me Out Of The Darkness 5. Breathe 6. Voice Of The New Generation 7. Back From The Dead 8. Bad Habits Die Hard

Albums Santa Cruz

1. Bonafide Heroes 2. Velvet Rope 3. My Remedy 4. 6 (66) Feet Under 5. Bye Bye Babylon 6. We Are the Ones To Fall 7. Wasted & Wounded 8. Let Them Burn 9. Vagabonds (Sing With Me)

Albums Screaming for Adrenaline

1. Screaming For Adrenaline 2. Anthem For The Young `n` Restless 3. Relentless Renegades 4. Sweet Sensation 5. Nothing Compares To You 6. High On You 7. Let`s Get The Party Started 8. Alive 9. Loving You (Is Just

Artist Santa Cruz

SANTA CRUZ is a Finnish modern hard rock band formed on the hot summer of 2007 in Helsinki by Archie and Johnny. With the mutual aspiration of playing their rear