Albums Trinity

1. Marching with the Fools 2. Falling to Rise 3. A Lot Like Me 4. The World Doesn’t Get to Me 5. Crossing the Rubicon 6. Just Let It Rain

Albums Age Of Aquarius

1. Age of Aquarius 2. Sins of My Beloved 3. Ixion’s Wheel 4. Behind the Mask 5. Ghost of Fallen Grace 6. Heart of All 7. So She Wears Black

Albums New Era

1. Heroes 2. I Did It My Way (Lead vocals: Michael Kiske) – 4:22 3. We Are Magic (Lead vocals: Pasi Rantanen) – 4:23 4. Angel (Lead vocals: Kiske) –

Artist Revolution Renaissance

REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE was a multinational power metal band founded by guitarist Timo Tolkki after he left STRATOVARIUS in 2008. The band released three studio albums before disbanding in 2010. New