Concerts Insomnium, Red Moon Architect and Awake Again -Turku, Finland February 21, 2020

February 21, 2020, Finnish melodic death metallers Insomnium came to Turku, Finland on their “Heart Like A Grave” tour. Support included melodic doom metal band Red Moon Architect and Awake

News RED MOON ARCHITECT Begins Writing A New Album

Finnish doom metal band RED MOON ARCHITECT is in the process of writing a new album! The band made this announcement via a very brief post on their official Facebook page a

Albums Return Of The Black Butterflies

1. The Haunt 04:06 2. Tormented 08:00 3. Return of the Black Butterflies 06:39 4. Journey 05:36 5. End of Days 11:34 6. NDE 12:06   The third full-length studio

Albums Fall

1. A Wish for a Tear 07:31 2. Betrayed 07:30 3. The Other Side 07:42 4. Misanthrope 05:22 5. Isolated 04:57 6. For My… 04:24 7. Cradle 05:49 8. This

Albums Concealed Silence

1. Abscond 03:56 2. Funeral 10:06 3. Death Rank 03:36 4. Black Butterflies 08:19 5. Realm 04:01 The debut album by Finnish doom metal band Red Moon Architect.

Artist Red Moon Architect

Red Moon Architect is a melodic doom metal band originating from Finland’s gloomiest town, Kouvola. Their debut album ‘Concealed Silence’ saw the daylight in October 2012 and was greeted with