Albums Silent Stage

1. Misery 24/7 2. The Past Nightmares 3. I Am Complete 4. For the Ghosts of Our Time 5. Silent Chrysalis Stage 6. Dreaming of Oblivion 7. The Times We

Albums Songs for the Withering

1. Nameless 2. Gallows 3. Two Dead Names 4. Transfixion 5. The Vast 6. Raintracks 7. Enveloped 8. The Great Distance 9. Farewell Songs For The Withering is the second full-length

Albums Futile

1. Intro 2. To Forget 3. This Is Where I Am 4. The Fall 5. While the World Sleeps 6. Futile 7. Someone I (Don’t) Know 8. (About) Leaving Futile is

Artist Rapture

Rapture is a doom metal/melodic death metal band formed in 1997 in Helsinki, Finland. In 1999, Rapture signed a contract with Spinefarm Records and released their debut album, Futile, in late 1999. The album was also licensed to Relapse