Albums Dead Decade

Deathbedtime Stories Dead Decade Black Swan Ghost Dance 13th Step From The Grave Down Came The Rain Heroes Wake Up Meltdown Town Deathroll Casino Live, Learn And Grow Apart New

Albums Evel Knievel Factor

Prelude For The Daredevils Evel Knievel Factor Broken Promised Land Alive Sound Advice The Sindiccate Prozac Nation Uniform Gods Of Rewind Anyway Billion Star Hotel   Evel Knievel Factor is the

Albums 21st Century Pirates

21st Century Pirates is the first album of the Finnish hard rock band Private Line. It was released in April 2004. The Japanese and Austarlian album versions have three bonus tracks.

Artist Private Line

When teachers at a comprehensive school in a small town in central Finland tried to make 11-year-old Sammy study in maths and geography instead of his overwhelming interest in acts