Albums Riitti

1. Viimeinen virta 2. Hurmeen hauta 3. Suon sydän 4. Kuiskaus pimeästä Though Yön olevainen puoli was a great album, Riitti brought Paara‘s sound to a whole new level. Hahtezan

Albums Yön olevainen puoli

1. Paara 2. Ruttoa ja kuolemaa 3. Joutomaa 4. Aikaan hautautunut Yön olevainen puoli, Paara‘s first full length album, was released in early 2015. It includes the single “Paara” which

Artist Paara

Paara is a Black/Folk metal band from Finland. With a unique blend of raw black metal and melodic folk elements, their music captures the essence of Finnish folklore and imagery