Albums Sol Nox

1. The Alpha Of The Antichrist 2. The Awakening 3. Smaiut N Set 4. Sol Nox 5. Sun Of Dead Seasons 6. El-Ehra – The Thistle Creed 7. To Dare

Albums Thaumiel

1. Sisters Of Rapture And Pestilence 2. Black Gate 3. Calling Of Setnacht: Twofold Triunity 4. Undead Moon 5. Prayers Unto Warped Eternities 6. Chôshekh Ên Sôf 7. Chained To

Albums Tiamtü

1. Tiamtü 2. Pralayic Withdrawal 3. Death Cantata 4. Eu Angelion 5. Dreaming In The Veins Of Kingu 6. Tophetian Cleansing: Furnace Of Moloch 7. Khabs Am Pekht 8. Maasseh

Artist Ofermod

Ofermod were formed in 1996 by Nefandus drummer, backing vocalist and lyricist Mika “Belfagor” Hakola. The band recorded the Mystérion Tés Anomias single in Tore “Necromorbus” Stjerna‘s Necromorbus studio in January 1998 and released it