Reviews October Tide – Of Splendor Below

October Tide, a band often associated with Katatonia, from their slow down-tempo depressive melodic doomy sounds, to their catchy chorus lines. October Tide, also a band who has developed into

Albums October Tide-Of Splendor Below

1. I, the Polluter 2. We Died in October 3. Ögonblick av nåd 4. Stars Starve Me 5. Our Famine 6. Guide My Pulse 7. Seconds 8. Envy the Moon

Albums Winged Waltz

1. Swarm 2. Sleepless Sun 3. Reckless Abandon 4. A Question Ignite 5. Nursed by the Cold 6. Lost in Rapture 7. Perilous 8. Coffins of November

Albums Tunnel Of No Light

Tunnel of No Light is the fourth studio album by Swedish death/doom metal band October Tide. It was released on March 25, 2013. Tunnel of No Light was produced by Jonas Kjellgren, and released by Pulverised

Albums A Thin Shell

A Thin Shell is the third album by Swedish death/doom metal band October Tide. This was the first album the band released in 11 years. This is the only October Tide release with

Albums Grey Dawn

Grey Dawn was the second full release of Swedish death/doom metal band October Tide. This is the only October Tide release with Mårten Hansen in the band, and the last with Jonas Renkse.

Albums Rain Without End

Rain Without End is the first album by death/doom metal band October Tide. This is the only October Tide release with Jonas Renkse on vocals. The album was reissued on November 10, 2008.

Artist October Tide

October Tide originated with a 1995 demo tape created by Katatonia members Jonas Renkse and Fred Norrman. Much of the material was written during a break-up of Katatonia (which would end