Albums Dead Reckoning

1. Headfirst 2. Locks 3. Betrayed By Light 4. One with the Gun 5. Reaching Skywards 6. Field of Severed Dreams 7. Submersed 8. The Intruder 9. Fight for Tomorrow

Albums The Damage is Done – LIVE!

01. Intro 02. Feed the Sirens 03. Fading Neons 04. Death Row Center 05. Waves 06. Bass solo 07. The Damage 08. Duality (Slipknot cover) 09. Submersed 10. The Intruder

Concerts Saarihelvetti 2020

Report and photos by Serena Solomon A few days of relief from the monotonous, gigless summer. Saarihelvetti 2020 was one of few festivals that luckily were able to stay strong

Concerts Stam1na + Rytmihäiriö + Skálmöld @ Black Box Jäähalli, Helsinki – 26.05.18

Stam1na celebrated the 10th anniversary release of their “Raja” album with a special gig at Jäähalli´s Black Box in Helsinki. Rytmihäiriö and Skálmöld joined the party as well. We were lucky

Concerts BARREN EARTH & OCEANHOARSE – Kuudes Linja, Helsinki, March 30, 2018

Helsinki based progressive death metal band BARREN EARTH finally plays a headline show in their hometown and the opening act, OCEANHOARSE, can be surely considered one of the latest sensations of

Artist Oceanhoarse

After two years of working in the shadows, Helsinki-based heavy metal band OCEANHOARSE is ready to show itself. The band consists of familiar faces from the Finnish metal scene. It