Albums Widow’s Weeds

1. Preludium… 2. Evenfall 3. Pale Enchantress 4. December Elegy 5. Midwintertears 6. Angellore 7. My Lost Lenore 8. Wasteland’s Caress 9. …Postludium   Widow’s […]
Albums Kronet Til Konge

1. Intro 2. Å slakte Gud 3. En krig å seire 4. Jesu blod 5. Midnattskogens sorte kjerne 6. Kuldeblest over evig isøde 7. Kronet […]
News Ihsahn Releases New Music Video For ‘Arcana Imperii’

IHSAHN, the solo work of the composer, producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist who is also known for being the frontman of EMPEROR, recently released a new music […]
Albums Norrønasongen: Kosmopolis Nord

1. Norrønaprogen 2. Det Siste Landskap 3. Norskdom 4. Norrøna: Ljodet Som Ljoma 5. Songen: Vargen
Albums Norrøn Livskunst

1. Song til stormen (Song to the storm) 2. Norrøn livskunst (Norse Art of Life) 3. Tittentattenteksti 4. Blackabilly / Stridsljod (Blackabilly / Battle sound) […]
News Dimmu Borgir Release First Music Video In Seven Years

After more than seven years of silence, DIMMU BORGIR mark their epic return and unveil the first song of their new full-length album ‘Eonian‘, due […]
Albums Black for Death: An Icelandic Odyssey Part II

      1. Red for Fire + Black for Death 2. Queen in the Bay of Smoke 3. Silver Dwarf 4. Underworld (Instrumental) 5. […]
Albums Red for Fire: An Icelandic Odyssey Part I

    1. Sun I Call 2. Survival of the Outlaw 3. Where Birds Have Never Been 4. Bragi (Instrumental) 5. White Frost Queen 6. […]
Albums In Harmonia Universali

1. Nutrisco et Extinguo 2. Mont Blanc Providence Crow 3. Christiania (Edvard Munch Commemoration) 4. Epictetus & Irreversibility 5. Dionysify This Night of Spring 6. […]
Albums Pills Against the Ageless Ills

1. Hyperhuman 2. Pornographer Cain 3. Charge Of Total Affect 4. Hate Yourself 5. Fuck Talks 6. The Death of Father 7. The U. S. […]
Albums Neonism

1. Fluorescent (The Total Orchestra) 2. Speed Increased to Scaffold 3. CK II Chanel N*6 4. Proprietors of Red 5. A Motion Picture 6. Omnipolis […]
Albums The Linear Scaffold

1. Jernlov 2. Philosophical Revolt 3. Red View 4. Floating Magenta 5. The Macho Vehicle 6. Countryside Bohemians 7. Tequila Sunrise 8. When the Moon […]
Albums Jernlov

    1. Motmenneske 2. Philosophical Revolt 3. Sivilisasjonen slør / Ravnens fall 4. When the Moon Is on the Wave Album description Jernlov (translated […]
News SUSPERIA Release “My Darkest Moment” Music Video

Norwegian metallers SUSPERIA release music video for the track “My Darkest Moment”. The video was filmed by Costin Chioreanu (Twilight 13 Media) and Gina Sandulescu. The song comes from the band’s upcoming […]
News AURA NOIR – Announces New Album And Tour Dates

A band geared towards thrash connoisseurs with active minds and mean spirits, Aura Noir stand at the fore of metal’s definitive genre in an age […]
News SUSPERIA Release Music Video For “THE LYRICIST” Title Track

Norway’s blackened thrash/heavy metal band SUSPERIA (feat. former Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon and Old Man’s Child members) premiere music video for the title track from their […]
News ENSLAVED’s IVAR BJØRNSON On New Record ‘E’: ‘Now It Feels Like We Are Starting To Get It Right Properly After 14 Albums’

Josh Rundquist of That Drummer Guy recently conducted an interview with guitarist and primary songwriter Ivar Bjørnson of Norwegian progressive black avantgardists ENSLAVED. You can listen to the entire chat below. […]
News BORKNAGAR Parts Ways With Guitarist JENS F. RYLAND

Norwegian epic black metal pioneers BORKNAGAR have parted ways with their longtime guitarist Jens F. Ryland. The band says in a statement: “We would like to thank and […]
Albums Arcturian

1. The Arcturian Sign 2. Crashland 3. Angst 4. Warp 5. Game Over 6. Demon 7. Pale 8. The Journey 9. Archer 10. Bane Arcturian is […]
Albums Sideshow Symphonies

1. Hibernation Sickness Complete 2. Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer 3. Deamonpainter 4. Nocturnal Vision Revisited 5. Evacuation Code Deciphered 6. Moonshine Delirium 7. White Noise Monster 8. Reflections […]
News DIMMU BORGIR – New album titled “Eonian” artwork available

Over seven years, deathlike silence has filled the halls of the world’s biggest black metal forge, DIMMU BORGIR, whilst powers have been gathering to resurrect the […]
News FIGHT THE FIGHT pre-order for self-titled album, video available

Last January, Norway’s Fight The Fight released their self-titled debut digitally in the USA – now, the band is giving the record a proper physical release in […]
News DIMMU BORGIR: Classic Albums To Be Re Released On Vinyl

Before the symphonic black metal legends DIMMU BORGIR finally return to the spotlight with their highly anticipated ninth studio album in spring 2018, the Norwegians now unleash […]
News ENSLAVED – currently on tour through Europe, announce special “Frost” show for Beyond the Gates 2018!

Last week, blackened prog virtuosi ENSLAVED embarked on their big European tour to present the songs of their freshly released album »E« with a spectacular new stage setting. From […]