News IMMORTAL Unleash First Song From Upcoming Album “Northern Chaos Gods”

IMMORTAL unveils the title track ‘Northern Chaos Gods’ from their upcoming album which will be released on July 6th 2018 by Nuclear Blast Records. The song premiere comes […]
Reviews Ihsahn – Ámr

I am not very familiar with progressive music in general, but with this being Ihsahn, I had to give it a try. One fact clearly […]
Albums The Acoustic Verses

1. Sweet Leaf 2. The Burden Is Mine… Alone 3. Maybe? 4. Alone 5. 9-29-045 6. Child’s Play Part 3 7. High Tide Waves The […]
Albums The Quiet Offspring

1. The Quiet Offspring 2. Between the Gentle Small & the Standing Tall 3. Just When You Think It’s Safe 4. A Place for Me […]
Albums A Blessing in Disguise

1. Crushed to Dust 2. Lullaby in Winter 3. Writings on the Wall 4. Into Deep 5. The Boy in the Attic 6. Two Seconds […]
Albums Light of Day, Day of Darkness

Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness Light of Day, Day of Darkness is the second (one-track) studio album by the Norwegian progressive metal band, Green Carnation. The album was composed, […]
Albums Journey To The End Of The Night

1. Falling into Darkness 2. In the Realm of the Midnight Sun 3. My Dark Reflections of Life and Death 4. Under Eternal Stars 5. […]
Artist Green Carnation

Green Carnation is a progressive metal band from Kristiansand, Norway formed in 1990. Green Carnation’s trend of music has continuously become less and less heavy after every release; from straight forward death […]
News DIMMU BORGIR: »Eonian« Out Now – New Album Trailer Online!

Today, Norwegian symphonic black legends DIMMU BORGIR have finally released their long-awaited album »Eonian«, their first full-length record in 8 years. This tenth longplayer combines symphonic epicness with […]
Albums Flow

1. Gethsemane 2. Angel (Come Walk With Me) 3. A Virtual Lovestory 4. Flow 5. Cry 6. Reach Out 7. Tell Me When I’m Gone […]
Albums In Your Multitude

1. Under A Mourning Star 2. Missionary Man 3. Retrospect 4. Guilt 5. Sanctuary 6. A Million Gods 7. Some Wounds 8. Carnal Comprehension 9. […]
Albums Parallel Minds

1. Water Confines 2. Roll The Fire 3. And I Close My Eyes 4. Silent Crying 5. Parallel Minds 6. Silver Shine 7. My Decision […]
Albums The Last Sunset

1. Prevision 2. Building A Force 3. War Of Hate 4. Bowed Down With Sorrow 5. Fairy’s Dance 6. Another World 7. Elegy 8. The […]
News DIMMU BORGIR – Release 4th Trailer, Announce Listening Parties & Signing Session

Only 9 days left until DIMMU BORGIR will finally unveil their long-awaited new studio album Eonian. This tenth full-length record combines symphonic epicness with the […]
News IMMORTAL Announce “Northern Chaos Gods” Album Details, Cover Revealed!

On July 6th 2018, Norwegian black metal legends IMMORTAL will unleash their first studio album since “All Shall Fall”, released almost nine years ago. The […]
News Norwegian black metal veterans TAAKE to perform at Korjaamo, Helsinki on 27.4.2018

Black metal pioneers TAAKE will be performing at Korjaamo, Helsinki on 27.04.2018. One of the most remarkable “true Norwegian black metal” acts hailing from Bergen, TAAKE […]
Albums Prominence and Demise

1. Universal Creation Array 2. Distorted Dimensions 3. The Grand Design 4. When the Dream of Paradise Died 5. Fall and Rise 6. The Darkest Path 7. Convictions […]
Albums The Imaginary Direction of Time

1. What is Beauty? 2. Sounds like Desolation 3. Theory of Relativity 4. Visions Of Perfection 5. The Fireworks of Genesis 6. Under the Stars 7. A Moment For […]
Albums Reflections of the I

1. Clarity 2. Realization 3. Of Divine Nature 4. Transition 5. Passion’s Quest 6. Reason’s Desire 7. Premonition 8. Remnants of Beauty 9. Existence 10. Continuance 11. Predominance Reflections […]
Artist Winds

Winds is a Norwegian neo-classical/progressive metal band that came into existence in 1998 when four Norwegian musicians from different backgrounds happened to cross musical paths. […]
News New AURA NOIR song ‘Shades Ablaze’ released.

Norway’s AURA NOIR have released their new single, “Shades Ablaze”. The track appears on the band’s forthcoming, sixth studio album, “Aura Noire”, which will be released on April […]
News SATYRICON adds GOATWHORE for their upcoming U.S. tour

Norwegian black metal band Satyricon have added Louisiana’s Goatwhore for their upcoming U.S. tour as replacement for Inquisition who were dropped from the tour. The band posted […]
News DIMMU BORGIR – unleash music video for their second single, “Council Of Wolves And Snakes”

With over 1 million Youtube-views on their first single ‘Interdimensional Summit‘, Norwegian devils DIMMU BORGIR have proved that they are back for good after over 7 years of […]
Albums A Life Less Necessary

1. What Bleeds Must Be Butchered 2. Nonversation 3. I Still Drink Alone 4. And the Sun Pissed Red 5. Blood Don’t Lie 6. This Dog Won’t Hunt […]
Albums Just Quit Trying

1. Praying For Cancer 2. Like Pouring Salt On A Slug 3. I Drink Alone 4. Punchdrunk On Death 5. Bitter Erection 6. Last Laugh 7. Broken […]
Albums Norwergian Jesus

1. Rotten Womb 2. Psalm 109 3. Numb Reaper 4. Retch and Bleed 5. Paint You with a Knife 6. Sieg Christ 7. Born To Destruct 8. For the […]
Albums Last Sons of Evil

1. Conqueror of Canyons 2. Son Of Evil 3. Pledge Allegiance to the Fire 4. Dead Man’s Hand 5. No, Nothing, Please Die 6. My Own Gun 7. To […]
Artist The Cumshots

The Cumshots were a death ‘n’ roll band from Norway. The band was formed in 1999 by Kristopher Schau and Ole Petter Andreassen. The band released four albums, and were known for their […]
News WARDRUNA return to the U.S. and Canada, announce 6 West Coast dates.

Norway’s Wardruna will embark on a short West coast tour of the U.S. and Canada in September following their successful East coast tour of the U.S. […]
News SATYRICON Frontman: ‘It was a very difficult environment in the early ’90s.’

SATYRICON frontman Satyr was recently interviewed by Mad TV‘s “TV War” in Greece. On whether black metal’s mainstream acceptance has diluted its musical value: Satyr: “No. Because… I mean, SEX PISTOLS, which […]
Albums Oratorium

1. Burning with Regret 2. Hate 3. Break Me 4. Song of the Knell 5. From the Orchestral Grave 6. Making the World My Tomb […]
Albums As the Light Does the Shadow

1. The Will to Die 2. Those Fated to Fall 3. The Strength to End It 4. The Elusive Light 5. In the Fathoms of […]
Albums From These Wounds

1. This Barren Skin 2. From These Wounds 3. The Architecture of Loss 4. Red Moon 5. Vagrant God 6. Pendulum 7. Saturn From These […]
Albums In Fields of Pestilent Grief

1. Yield to Me 2. Truly a Suffering 3. The Repentant 4. The Stings I Carry 5. When Light Will Dawn 6. In Fields of […]
Albums Tragedies

1. Taarene 2. Under Ebony Shades 3. Demise 4. When Nightfall Clasps 5. Moment in Black Tragedies is the first full-length album by the Norwegian funeral doom/death metal band Funeral. […]
Reviews Avertia – Hundre og Helvete

Once again Avertia proves that the Norwegians are born with Black Metal in their blood. I am personally not a big fan of modern Black […]
Video Satyricon
Albums Savn

1. Musical Silence 2. Hang On 3. The Demons in Me (feat. Michelle Darkness) 4. Longing for Love 5. I Am Free (feat. Liv Kristine) […]
Albums Darkest White

1. Number 2. Darkest White 3. Himmelfall 4. Requiem 5. Diagnosis 6. Scarling 7. Night on Earth 8. Cathedral 9. Lavender 10. Cypher 11. Arteries […]
Albums Rubicon

1. Year of the Rat 2. Protection 3. Patriot Games 4. The Passing 5. Exile 6. Sirens 7. The Emerald Piper 8. Vulture 9. Amnesia […]
Albums Illumination

1. Mercyside” 2. Sanguine Sky 3. Open Ground 4. The Ravens 5. Destination Departure 6. Down 7. Fate 8. Lotus 9. Sacrilege 11. Deadlands Illumination is […]
Albums Ashes

1. Libre 2. Equilibrium 3. The Wretched 4. Cure 5. Circus 6. Shadowman 7. The Gate 8. Endogenisis 9. Bird Ashes is the fourth full-length album […]
Albums World of Glass

1. The Shining Path 2. Wormwood 3. Tender Trip on Earth 4. Lost 5. Deadlocked 6. Selling Out 7. Hatred Grows 8. World of Glass […]
Albums Beyond the Veil

1. Beyond the Veil 2. Aphelion 3. A Sequel of Decay 4. Opus Relinque 5. Lethean River 6. …Of Ruins and a Red Nightfall 7. […]
Albums Storm Seeker

Storm Seeker is the debut album by ex-Dimmu Borgir vocalist/bass guitarist, and current Arcturus vocalist, ICS Vortex, which was released on August 22, 2011 in Europe and August 23, […]
Artist ICS Vortex

Simen Hestnæs, also known as I.C.S. Vortex or simply Vortex, is the vocalist of the similarly named band ICS Vortex, in company with several other well known norwegian […]
Albums A Umbra Omega

1. The Love Divine 2. Aphelion Void 3. God Protocol Axiom 4. The Unlocking 5. Architect of Darkness 6. Blue Moon Duel A Umbra Omega is […]
Albums Supervillain Outcast

1. Dushman 2. Vendetta Assassin 3. The Snuff Dreams Are Made Of 4. Horrorizon 5. Foe x Foe 6. Secret Identity 7. The Vile Delinquents […]
News SUSPERIA – New Song “Heretic” Available For Streaming

Norwegian extreme metal band SUSPERIA (featuring former members of Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon and Old Man’s Child) has released a new single, “Heretic”, which can be streamed below. “Heretic” is […]
News ENSLAVED Win Spellemann Award

For the fifth time in their long career, Norwegian extreme band ENSLAVED have been awarded the “Spellemann Prisen” – considered to be the Norwegian equivalent of […]