News NICUMO released a second single from their forthcoming third album!!

Nicumo has released a second single from forthcoming third album which will be released later this year. Song’s name is “Tree of Life” and you can check it below: Vocalist Hannu Karppinen comments:

News NICUMO release new ‘Witch Hunt’ single!

Nicumo will celebrate their 10th anniversary next year, and the celebration begins today! Last year the band released their successful second album ‘Storms Arise’ and now they have published a

Albums Storms Arise

1. The Dawn 2. Old World Burning 3. Beyond Horizon 4. Unholy War 5. Death, Let Go 6. Guilt 7. Poltergeist 8. If This Is Your God, I Don’t Need

Albums The End Of Silence

1. Follow Me 2. All Gone 3. Devil 4. Exorcist 5. Firestorm 6. My Bullet 7. Difference 8. Kills Me 9. My Own Silence 10. Lines Drawn by Tears Recording

Artist Nicumo

Initiated by guitarist Atte Jääskelä in Northern Finland during 2007. After a few transformations, in 2009 the band found a definitive direction with a new line up, and began to